Electrical grid

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  • Ecotel Hotel Case Study

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasure to thank all those who helped me and made my project work a success. I would like to thank my parents who made this research possible and for extending their moral support and patience. I like to thank the Principal of our Institution, Prof. Parvardhavardhani Gopalakrishnan as well as the Project coordinator, Prof. Y.G. Tharakan, for all the patience and guidance provided to me throughout the dissertation period. I take this opportunity in expressing the…

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  • AC Conductivity, Dieedric Loss, And Dielectric Constant

    Electrical Properties AC Conductivity, Ac Resistivity, Dielectric loss, and Dielectric constant are electrical properties and measured as a function of frequency. AC Conductivity and Resistivity AC resistance (ρac) was recorded by LCR meter model 4275 in the frequency range 1MHz to 3GHz. AC conductivity was determined by using the value of Ac resistance. As we know, Ac Conductivity is reciprocal of Ac resistance can be calculated by the relation; ac =1/ρac (6) The variation of AC…

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  • The Role Of Electrical Instrumentation Technology

    Electrical Instrumentation is a very well field to go into since there are very many job opportunities in any plant that produces something. For anyone who comes out of this program has a broad range of opportunities to peruse. I researched three different jobs that have a requirement of Electrical Instrumentation Technology (EIT). The first job that will be discussed is a Power Generation Engineer at CPS Energy. The second job is Electrical instrumentation technician at a Canadian…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: M. S In Electrical And Computer Engineering

    Objective: M.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major: Signal and Image Processing) Statement of Purpose From my perspective, excellent electronic engineers are a group of gifted and imaginative talents who bravely explore and innovate, change the world with passion and innovation. I have always dreamed of becoming an outstanding electronic engineer and making my due contribution to the development of electronic technology and human society. In order to fulfill this dream, I started…

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  • Explain How A Laboratory Design Affect Its Functionality

    task 2.4 how a laboratory 's design can affect its functionality in this report i will be going over the qualities that are affected by a laboratory design efficiency: efficiency can definitely be affected, if you were to place the sink away from the food preparation area in a food science lab then meat, fish and other food items could not be washed or prepared as efficiently. so in order for the efficiency to be maximised there should be several features in a lab that are kept close together…

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  • The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Service Engineer

    (17) Service Engineer The primary responsibilities of a service engineer include designing, installing or repairing different types of equipment, tools, and products in several technological fields. There are many types of service engineers such as electronic and biomedical service engineers. Your resume format should demonstrate that you are an engineer par excellence. Service engineers may be employed in both the public and private sectors. Professionals playing the role of field service…

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  • Comparing Thomas Edison And Piscine Patel's Life Of Pi

    Piscine Patel, a young teen from India, has an unexpected journey with failure and accomplishment involved. Thomas Edison, a young inventor from the late 1800’s, went through many struggles and triumphs in his process of inventing the lightbulb. Piscine and Edison both followed a similar path that soon led to them both being successful. As they were working towards that goal, errors, mistakes, and trouble occurred. Trying hard enough should, in the end, led you to success. Thomas Edison and…

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  • Personal Engineering Work Experience

    I graduated from the University of Houston, Texas with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Thesis in May 2011. My engineering work experience as an Engineer-In-Training began at En-Fab, Inc. in Houston, Texas from June 2011 and since then I am working as an Electrical Engineer in this company. My engineering experience at En-Fab, Inc. entailed being a member of the project engineering group where I performed calculations for sizing of the motor and branch circuit overload…

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  • John Mauchly Essay

    John Mauchly pioneered the field of computer science and built the foundation for all modern computing with the creation of the world 's first fully functional digital computer, the ENIAC. The ENIAC, completed in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, occupied 1800 square feet, weighed 30 tons, had 18000 vacuum tubes, and cost about $5,000,000 in modern dollars (ENIAC Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia). John Mauchly originally conceived the ENIAC as a tool for statistical weather…

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  • Nikola Tesla's Greatest Invention

    George Westinghouse. Here, he established a laboratory, Tesla Electric Light, where he improved on his alternating current motor. He also began to work on inventions that were not possible without the motor, such as the Tesla coil, a high voltage electrical transformer, which is still used in radio technology today. In building it, Tesla wanted to bring power to the world, wirelessly. Tesla also experimented with X-rays and demonstrated radio communications two years before Marconi. In fact,…

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