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  • Centrifugal Pump Lab Analysis

    Vibration Analysis of a Centrifugal Pump A.Naveen Varma1, K. Bala Bhaskar1, B. Sai Kumar1, G.Giridhar1, Vamsi Raja2, P.Phani Prasanthi3 1Research Scholars 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, P.V.S.I.T. Kanuru (A.P), India-520007 2Associate Manager, Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Pune, India. 3Assistant Professor 3Department of Mechanical Engineering, P.V.S.I.T. Kanuru (A.P), India-520007. ABSTRACT: Centrifugal pumps are among the more versatile and widely used products of rotating mechanical…

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  • Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Lab Report

    Experimental Analysis Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with Twisted Tape Inserts Dissertation submitted In partial fulfilment of requirement For the award of degree of Master of Technology in Thermal Engineering by Sattenapalli Girish 13131D2105 Under the Guidance of Smt. V. Sireesha Assistant professor Department of Mechanical Engineering GAYATRI VIDYA PARISHAD COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (AUTONOMOUS) (Affiliated to J.N.T. University, Kakinada) VISHAKHAPATNAM - 53004 CERTIFICATE This is to…

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  • Case Study Of Rotor And Touchdown Bearing Models

    Rotor and touchdown bearing models Fig. 1 features the case study of the high-speed rotor. The photo was taken after manufacturing of the electric motor part, when the rotor was carried to the laboratory for an experimental modal analysis. During normal operation, the rotor is supported by AMBs. In the dropdown event, the rotor is in contact with touchdown bearings at both ends of the rotor. Fig. 1. Rotor under investigation. In this work, the finite element model of the rotor employs…

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  • Microcantilever Lab Analysis Pdf

    Design and Simulation of Microcantilevers for Sensing Applications Abstract- MEMS is the integration of active and passive elements on a single chip, which combine electronics, electrical as well as mechanical elements to use in sensing and actuation. MEMS technology used in sensing applications with use of basic mechanical elements such as microcantilevers, beams, diaphragms, springs, gears and so on. In this research paper, microcantilevers are used as basic elements for design of Sensors.…

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  • Importance Of Genetic Algorithm

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am highly grateful to the Director General,Roorkee College of Engineering, Roorkee, for providing me the opportunity to carry out my research. I would like to thank wholeheartedly Director,Roorkee College of Engineering, Roorkee for encouragement, solicited advice and all kind of help extended to me during the completion of this work. I express my deep sense of gratitude to my Research Supervisor MR. SANDEEP KUMAR SINGLA for his expert guidance, stimulating discussions as…

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  • Cathay Pacific Pilot Essay

    Why do you wish to become a Cathay Pacific pilot? Becoming a pilot is my long-time dream. As a young boy, I have always been curious about the mechanics of appliances. I often break the parts up — challenging me to know the ins and outs. The best part of it is putting it back together or solving the faults giving me a great sense of achievement. My secondary school was near the Kai Tak airport where I watched take-off and landings and listened to the roaring of the jets every day. This…

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  • Fuzzy Logic Controller Case Study

    To assure the effective performance of controller over wide range of system operations and to increase the transient stability of the system, a supplementary fuzzy logic controller (FLC) based on the Mamdani's fuzzy inference method is designed for the PI controller input. FLC generates the required small change for voltage to control the magnitude of the injected voltage. The centroid defuzzyfication technique is used is this fuzzy controller. The below fig describes the FLC structure. In this…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of L & T.

    2.5PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PROFILE The products and services of L&T’s Electrical & Automation are:  RELAYS Larsen & Toubro offers a wide range of Protection, Control & Monitoring Relays. These are Numerical relays suitable for Low Voltage & Medium Voltage power distribution system. These are manufactured at L&T’s Mysore Works equipped with modern infrastructure and employing latest testing equipment.  SWITCHGEAR PRODUCTS Larsen & Toubro Limited is among the major manufacturers of low voltage…

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  • Essay On Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla The inventor Nikola Tesla lived from July 10, 1856 to January 7, 1943, he was a well-known engineer who designed the alternating-current (AC) electric system. He was born in what is now Croatia; he came to the United States in 1884 and worked for Thomas Edison for a while before they both went their separate ways. Tesla sold several patent rights to George Westinghouse; one of those was his AC machinery. During Tesla’s career he discovered, designed and developed ideas for a number…

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  • What Is Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint?

    Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint was designed to utilize the piping system and to monitor the thermal expansion or terminal movement where the utilization of extension circles is undesirable or unreasonable. We offer this Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint that can prevent the unnecessary damage caused by vibration, pressure thrust, thermal growth, and other mechanical issues that can affect to the piping system. These Expansion joints are uniquely intended to…

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