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  • Cloud Computing Advantages And Disadvantages

    Abstract Cloud computing is a network based model to provide convenient, on demand and pay per user access to a set of shared resources. Currently cloud computing is in early stages and facing the threats and risks which include security, data leakage, insecure interface and inside attacks. Concept of cloud computing is not new for computer users; it has been in use for decades. In early days of computing a single computer was shared by many users (companies). Another analogy for cloud computing…

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  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

    d. Cloud System Cloud computing is the general term of infrastructure that deliver information technology and share pool of configuring computing resources from internet via web-based tools rather than having local server to handle the application (Cloud Computing, n.d.). In other words, the cloud is a metaphor of internet that storing and synchronized the data and information into the server rather than storing in the data center such as server in the facility. Cloud computing can serve a…

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  • Computer Industry: Sustainability And Competitive Environment Of Dell

    Computer Industry Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction to the Company 3 Analysis and evaluation of the theoretical concepts 3 Competitive environment of Dell Company 4 Impact of Globalization on the Dell Company 4 Sustainability and Globalization factors of Dell 5 Mass customization and Globalization 5 Outsourcing and Business Model 5 Internet and e-commerce 5 New technologies to support sustainable computing 6 Market and distribution trend 6 Dell_ the leading Company 6…

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  • Salient Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

    3.1 Understanding Cloud Computing (IBM, 2014 [17]) Cloud computing, often referred to as simply ‘the cloud’ is the delivery of on-demand computing resources everything from applications to data centres over the internet on a pay-for-use basis. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. The salient characteristics of cloud computing based on the definitions…

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  • St. Louis Smart City

    due to traffic and fuel waste. DOE Smart Grid Integration Challenge for Cities • 4. St. Louis receives a higher rating for this program based on its reliance on non-nuclear green energy sources and low level of Federal support to date compared to other cities in this study. • 2. Compared to other cities in this study, St. Louis is less ready for this program based on low levels of customer adoption and not having transitioned to a large scale Smart Grid approach to…

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  • Importance Of Load Balancing In Cloud Computing

    ABSTRACT: In cloud computing, load balancing is one of the key issues. Load is a measure of the amount of work that a computation system performs which can be classified as CPU load, memory capacity and network load. Load balancing is the process of apportioning the load among various nodes of a distributed system to improve both resource utilization and job response time. Load balancing ensures that every node in the network does approximately equal amount of work (as per their capacity) at…

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  • Odoo Community Case Study

    4.3 Odoo Community Software Odoo Community is a free open-source business applications which provides more than thousand modules to use for the business purposes such as Sales, CRM, Project, Inventory Management, Accounting and Finance Management, etc. Users can use Odoo Community on the cloud or on-site. It suits for small or medium companies. Moreover, users can adapt the modules or the functions inside each module to make it be more compatible with their need since it is flexible. AYE…

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  • The Importance Of An Information Security Analyst

    I became interested with an Information Security Analyst because my father is one. Every take your child to work day I would wake up early with my dad and run to his car excited to go to his office for the day. The building is a plain, brown brick building, but every time I saw it, I instantly got excited. Walking into the office everyone knew my name, I would always wave at everyone I saw. The secretary always gave me a lollipop and called me her “Little bundle of sunlight”. I would then go…

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  • Notes: The Basic Theory Of Power Transfer Network

    Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION Basic theory of power transfer network We know that AC lines are operated at voltage level between 10kv to 800kv. The distribution network operates voltage level below the 100kv. For protection against fault circuit breakers are used. Power flow is obtained by receiving end power or sending end power. Ex. Consider a transmission line connected between load centre and generating station. We assume line is loss less and ignore line charging, then the power flow (P)…

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  • CMSC131 Internship Experience

    But what does the real world look like? This question is so ambiguous that it has become a canned question that stumps some interviewers. Based on my three internship experiences (though diverse across location and industry), a more realistic answer of what a software engineer does instead of just reading a spec and working with teammates from a solid 9-5 (or 10-6) is this. The engineer gets in the office, opens Outlook, and proceeds to get inundated by emails sent while he was eating dinner or…

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