Thomas Edison's Impact On Society

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The light bulb is one of Thomas Edison’s most famous engineering innovations. However the “Wizard of Menlo Park” (a name which he was also known as) has created and/or designed so many more inventions than just the light bulb. He has about 2332 patents worldwide proving he was really a great inventor. However, what proved his amazing skilling creating/designing are the useful products that are used throughout society till date. Edison’s inventions/designs such as the first electrical power grid, the light bulb, the alkaline battery and the world’s first movie camera, really made a huge impact on today’s modern society, changing major aspects of everyday life.

One of Edison’s most famous inventions till date is the light bulb. To be accurate to history, Edison did not invent the light bulb. The light bulb had already been invented by Humphry Davy in 1802. The reason we do not hear about Davey, is because he got the first bulb to work, but his bulb burnt out quickly and was too bright to use in practical use like houses. Edison soon started to play around with the design of the light bulb and in 1878 came up with a filament made of bamboo and carbon that not only was long
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The light bulb finally allowed us to have a safe and reliable alternative to the gas lights at the time. This meant that cities could now have better urban night life, including late night restaurants. The light bulb also created more jobs in the city because of the mass production of these light bulbs. This helped bring people to the cities and created more of a population in the cities, helping creating the metropolis cities we see today. The factory owners also realized that 24 hour work hours were possible, which allowed the owners to get more money out their investment in the factory. This helped speed up the economy, since now more productcut could be shipped to stores and customers, creating what we know today as the consumer driven

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