Electrical grid

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  • The Extraordinary Life: Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla was an innovative intellectual of the Gilded Age whose ideas were far ahead of his time. The modern world would be nothing like it is today without Tesla’s insights. He revolutionized the scientific community and the world’s knowledge of electric current, but there were plenty of other interesting facets of his life and career. He was much more than an engineer, and unfortunately, many of his peers underestimated him on account of his quirkiness and battle with mental illness.…

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  • Schematic Diagram Of Power Line Guardians Case Study

    Fig. 3. Schematic Diagram of Power Line Guardians (“PLG”) PLGs are also used to give the real-time data on the lines such as: line current, conductor temperature, frequency, sag [17]-[21]. Fig. 4. The PLG communications system. The diagram (Fig.4) shows the PLG communications system. PLGs (blue) control the power flows on the lines. Super PLGs (red) can control both the power flows and the PLGs. These Super PLGs are also used to communicate with Energy Management Systems (EMS) and allow…

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  • Compensation Of Voltage Sags Case Study

    SIMULATION RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 4.5.1 Compensation of Voltage Sags All the proposed controllers performed to the IEEE standard. Table 4.5 shows voltage sag compensation of the proposed intelligent controllers. Compensated SS value shows the voltage sag compensation capability of the each proposed controller under different fault types and load conditions. In case 1, performance of DVR with proposed fuzzy logic controller has the sag score 0.5056pu observed at sensitive load before…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    classification of electric motors which operate from a direct current. Nearly all mechanical devices applied in daily life activities are powered by electric motors. Motors transform electrical energy to mechanical energy, hence they are essential for energy conversions in electrical machines. All types of electrical motors are made up of a stationary field referred to a stator and a rotating field referred to a rotor. According to Krishnan, (2010), DC motors operate through the interaction of…

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  • Wind Distortions Essay

    turbine generating system. It is defined as fluctuation of voltage in a frequency 10-35 Hz. Flicker is considered as a serious drawback and limits the maximum amount of wind power generation that can be connected to the power grid. Many factors affect flicker emission of grid connected wind turbines during continuous operation. Variable-speed wind turbines show better performance related to flicker emission in compared to fixed-speed wind turbines. The flicker study is necessary and important as…

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  • Concept Of Green Hotel

    the sea. So it not only we can provide the ocean or lagoon view to our guests. But also we can use the nature resource convenient. This paper explain the following of our utilities: Overview of Grass is Green Hotel, materials used for the hotel, electrical systems, laundry, water systems, food and solid waste recycling and HVAC. Overview: The Grass is Green hotel features 88 rooms, and all suites for a maximum family comfort, all rooms have ocean or lagoon view. Different suits are available,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Drones

    DJI MAVIC PRO Technology has smartly paved ways in the field of science. Many inventions are being made by science. Drones are also an example of marvelous creations done by science. As this article is all about a drone being designed by Dji company. This drone is specifically designed for the persons who love to cover events as well as tours by themselves. Keeping a careful check on the specifications of this drone, company has made this drone best among the all. Designing best camera, timing,…

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  • Role Of Virtue Ethics In Computer Engineering

    Mohsin Yaqub ENGR 482-917 Dr. Glen Miller 10/03/2017 Virtue Ethics and Computer Engineering Virtue Ethics has been around for centuries and even today brings value to the lives of people. Virtue Ethics aims to achieve living “The good life”, this theory states that if one wants to do well then they must be good. As a Computer Engineer, I believe that doing well means doing something that would bring meaning into the world. Promoting goodness and living an altruistic life to create a…

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  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Case Study

    Group Assignment 1- Product innovation by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Product Name- Metsmall Subject- Product & Brand Management by Dr. Sanjay Patro Group Details- Sl.No. Description SID ID 1 Sumiran Kumar Ghosh RB 15027 2 Tejaswini Mantha RB 15035 3 Vikas Raj RB 15053 Table of Contents: 1. Executive Summary 2. Metsmall- a smart decision - Introduction - Types of diabetes - Epidemiology in India - Treatment Guidelines 3. Market summary - Target customer segment - Target…

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  • Ecotel Hotel Case Study

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasure to thank all those who helped me and made my project work a success. I would like to thank my parents who made this research possible and for extending their moral support and patience. I like to thank the Principal of our Institution, Prof. Parvardhavardhani Gopalakrishnan as well as the Project coordinator, Prof. Y.G. Tharakan, for all the patience and guidance provided to me throughout the dissertation period. I take this opportunity in expressing the…

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