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  • Butterfly Lovers Violin Concert Analysis

    The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto was written for western style orchestra and features a solo violin played using some Chinese techniques. This piece retains the Chinese flavor but however to some extent. The reason why I have chosen this question and this piece is because as a violinist, I have the interest in how the violin in The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto is a western instrument, but however it is still able to capture some of the Chinese style. In this essay, I will be comparing…

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  • Myers Pickups: Case Study

    This micro-goose neck pickup is called “The Feather” and is meant for a variety of instruments depending on whether they create vibrations when being played. They're perfect for percussion, string, and some wind instruments, too. The cello, violin, guitar, or even ukulele can benefit from a pickup that feeds into an amplifier. What's Included Pickup microphone Mounting hardware Battery Myers Pickups The company was started by Gregg Myers, who is currently the CEO, owner, and inventor, but…

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  • River Deep Mountain High Phil Spector Analysis

    Written Assignment #2 The legendary producer Phil Spector is most famous for his creative technique of overdubbing an orchestra size group of musicians. The ensemble would include, “ five or six guitars, three or four pianos, and an army of percussion, including multiple drum kits, castanets, tambourines, bells, and timpani — to produce a massive roar” (Kemp, 2001). Spector would combine the sounds and amplify them by adding substantial amounts of reverb (Sewell, 2014). Developing what would…

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  • Why Is Listening To Classical Music Important?

    Classical music has been around since the 11th century and is a growing art in the music world today. In that century, composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, and many more would have never thought that their music would have played a large role in the 21st century. For years now, researchers have wondered what effects come from listening to classical music and many have found that listening to classical music is beneficial in education while helping improve memory, learning and…

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  • Musical Hall Concert Report

    This classical music recital on September 24, 2015, in Duncan Recital Hall at Baird Musical Hall stars many of Morehead State University’s musical professors. The compositions it features are Donald Gillis’s They’re Off, Béla Bartók’s Quarrel, W.A. Mozart’s La ci darem la mano (Don Giovanni), Heitor Villa-Lobos’s Fantasie Concertante for Piano, Clarinet, and Bassoon, Michel Blavet’s Variations on a Theme by Corelli, John Macky’s Damn, and Ryan Mcguillicuddy’s On The Bus. In Donald Gillis’s…

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  • Beethoven Overture Analysis

    The nineteenth century, the Romantic era of music composition, saw the rise of programmatic music, or music designed to convey a specific story, theme, character, or idea—without any voices. Programmatic music was a stark departure from the prioritization of emfindsamkeit in the Classical era, which had in turn signified a break from the Doctrine of Affections of the Baroque era. While “emfindsamkeit” in classical music referred to the value of music for its own sake, rather than trying to…

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  • The Importance Of Reading And Writing In The Context Of Music

    Music is not music without reading and writing. I am not speaking of reading and writing English, rather I am speaking of reading and writing musical notation. The real importance of reading and writing in the context of music has to do with actually learning the language that is music. This might mean learning how notes relate to a staff, or possibly how an audio clip fits best in your garageband composition, or maybe even how a 7th chord can put a whole new twist on a Sara Bareilles song (if…

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  • Jog Research Papers

    Khanh Pham Megan Quilliam September 29, 2015 World Music 2772 Anoushka Shankar - Indian Classical Raga - Jog Raga is a melodic mode that is included in traditional Indian music. A raga has around five to nine music notes, however, the notes themselves are not as important as how they are laid out and expressed through the music. Traditionally, ragas are strictly associated with other factors such as seasons, time of the day, etc. Ravi Shankar is a musician who introduced Indian classical…

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  • An Analysis Of John Lennon's Song Imagine

    Lennon literally wrote this song in one brief morning on a Steinway piano. He described the genre as a piano ballad in a rock category. Rather than sitting down on a chair contemplating about life, Lennon attempted to declare the freedom of hunger, agony, religion and from politics. Perhaps, lyrics in a song could be the most powerful device in speaking through people’s heart. He wanted to leave the contemporary world living and competing for money and fame. The idealistic and political mind…

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  • Night Concert At Taormina Analysis

    The aesthetic desires which Jennings distinguish operating in the visual art, both of Cezanne and of the Chinese painter allow her to reconstruct a sense of their original artistic meanings and in doing so to expand her own aesthetic perspective, always drawing attention to the “human touch,” The final poem “Night Concert at Taormina,” in the series of six poems relate to human touch” to various forms of aesthetic expression, accurately defines the setting and the inspiring visual and auditory…

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