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  • Johann Christoph Denner: The Clarinet Analysis

    Johann Christoph Denner created the clarinet soon after 1698 (Barrett, G. 1999) (Adullah, M et al. 2015). The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a single reed. A clarinet has many different keys, and each of them helps produce a different note. “The keys were of brass, sometimes of silver and the springs were of brass.” (Barrett, G. 1999). It is an instrument that is somewhat quiet compared to others, but it can be played loudly if the player desires. “While almost every other woodwind…

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  • Moving To Music Analysis

    Whether we are opera singers or shower-wailers, ballet dancers or awkward shufflers, we all understand how music makes us feel, and more importantly, makes us move. Moving to music is so much a part of the human experience that it seems innate to us as a species. A recent study supports this, showing that fetuses react to music with increased motion, and in some cases, open their mouths as if to sing. Once out of the womb, this response only grows: a catchy tune makes hips swing and toes tap,…

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  • Russian Christmas Music Analysis

    Listening to this piece brings back many memories from a high school All state year that Dr. John Lynch was conducting the band. I remember seeing and hearing this piece for the first time, loving every moment of rehearsal and simply relishing in the moment. Throughout there is such beauty and richness reminding me of Russian Christmas Music by Alfred Reed. The opening idea is beautifully orchestrated and the bells chiming allows for my imagination to wander to depict a scene of a town amidst…

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  • The Pirates Of Penzance Play Review

    On October 30 at 7:30 p.m., I attended an opera workshop of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance”. “The Pirates of Penzance” or “The Slave of Duty” was written by W.S. Gilbert and composed by Arthur Sullivan in 1879. The play is a comic opera which consist of two acts accompany by orchestra music. The performance was held at the Preforming Arts Center at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, Texas. The play was directed by Cassi Torres McNabb, the Stage Manager was…

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  • High School Concert Band Performance

    On November 5,2016 Olney Central College’s music department held its fall concert in the Dr. John D. Stull Performing Arts Center. This concert featured many vocalists and musicians between the concert band, the concert choir, and the jazz band. The performances feature many different composers. Overall, the concert band sounded really good. For this concert, the director chose songs that would reflect different stages of life. I liked this theme and the song choices just for how the rhythms,…

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  • Arpeggios Monologue

    Consequences I felt like throwing my violin at the wall. I had spent hours and hours getting my scales in tune, and I was still putting my fingers on the wrong places on the fingerboard. Rubbing my eyes, I put the violin down in its case and looked outside the window. It was pitch black outside, so that meant that it was very late. I sat down on the nearest chair, which creaked as it took my weight. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought to myself “What am I doing this for? I don’t like…

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  • High School Band Research Paper

    Students of all grades and interests gather in the band room before school begins. They compare homework, discuss conclusions, greet friends, make plans together, practice, or just hang out. New students feel that there is something special going on and hang around to see what it is. They could read or learn stories about past band member’s ones who achieved amazing results during high school as well as ones who are doing wonderful things in colleges and careers. They feel connected, not just to…

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  • Jbl 2500 Unit 5

    Enjoy your listening experience on a level you never thought could be possible with the JBL 2500 Main / Stereo Speakers. These highly praised bookshelf speakers have a 0.5-inch titanium dome tweeter to deliver quality high-frequency sounds of treble. Thanks to the 5.25-inch polymer laminate driver, low frequencies of bass transmitted through the woofer are just as satisfying, and the culmination of the two is a powerful audio experience. Hear a range of sounds in precise clarity with a…

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  • The Failure Of Macroeconomics

    physics or chemistry, there are no absolute laws that govern the way things work in macroeconomics. It’s a social science that continues to evolve every single day with newly discovered evidence by macroeconomists. Whether it is the Great Depression, the Dot-Com bubble burst or the most recent 2008 credit crisis – they have all greatly contributed to the evolution of macroeconomic theories. Macroeconomists will never be 100% confident in their analysis but crises and other events are essential…

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  • Americanization In Europe Essay

    American Company Netscape went public (Friedman 37). The creation of Netscape did two things, brought internet alive by giving the world the browser to display images and data stored on website, and data stored on websites. Netscape also triggered the dot-com boom (Friedman 37). The Netscape revolution was able to bring people-to-people connectivity to a whole new level (Friedman 37). Prior to Netscape, communications between different countries was no where near as easy as it is now. Another…

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