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  • Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay Essay

    situations occuring all around the world in different countries, there are many men, women, and children crossing over into the United States. The USA now has millions of immigrants. The problem? Too many illegal immigrants. On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. Since then, he has been trying to take a stance on illegal immigration, especially over the ones who deal drugs, are in gangs, have a criminal record, or pose a threat to American citizens. He has…

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  • Donald Trump Banality Of Evil Analysis

    throughout its entire history. Nevertheless, many Americans believed that the United States has shown progress and has become more open, providing more opportunities for people of color, women, the LGBT community and so forth. However, with the election of Donald Trump as president, many of the Ideologies of America's past has unveiled itself in full view. The main issue of this all is having the leader of the “free world” being the one who represents all of America's negative qualities such as…

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  • Third Party Persuasive Essay Topics

    looms over our country like a merciless and unforgiving storm, we must thoroughly inform ourselves and each other of the present circumstance. Never in our history has a presidential race caused such turbulence. The battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has allowed respectful discourse to mutate to the relentless rancor of political and social division. Consequently, the dispute over the uncertain prospect of America’s future has divided families, friends, and political parties in an…

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  • Donald Trump Thesis

    Cody Hayes-Tyler English 1301 Mr. Hale 11/18/16 Donald Trump When friends of mine who are trump supporters inform me that they support him, I understand the reasons they picture him as our future president of the united states. Donald Trump has never been an elected official. He has never held elected office of any kind. He’s never had to broker political compromise, give political speeches or pour over political briefing notes. So why on earth, with no experience in politics, would people…

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  • Trump's Arguments Against President Bill Clinton

    President Trump’s first official meeting with congressional leaders for the first time. In the article, “ Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers” by Michael D. Shear and Emmarie Huetteman, he states that millions of immigrants made him lose the popular vote majority. He has made plenty of these claims before on Twitter and also at the White House Reception. This shows evidence that Mr. Trump still overthinking and cares about the issue, even though he has become President…

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  • Creative Writing: The Rocket Man And The Orange Man

    After many years of pretending to be something they are not, the Rocket Man and the Orange Man have finally found their way home. They were welcomed by the owner of the X-man mansion, Dr. Charles Xavier, the top-notch mutant, well known for being mental. Seeing him roll into a room in his notorious wheelchair with aluminium X-shaped alloys, send waves of shiver and anticipation through our bodies. “I can sense your fear. Don’t worry, I won’t mess with your minds. I do that only if I want to make…

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  • General Shelton's Weaknesses

    issue where General Shelton challenged a process concerned a situation in which the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld wanted to deliberately place an American plane in harm’s way in Iraq that could have resulted in the death of Air Force Personnel. This deliberate act would have resulted in a false justification for attacking Iraq. General Shelton’s outspokenness may have been perceived by Donald Rumsfeld as insubordination, but General Shelton demonstrated integrity and tactical prowess and…

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  • Frida Ghitis 'Media Decurging War Against America'

    THE MEDIA DECLARING WAR AGAINST AMERICA. At least according to Trump’s headlines it is. On February eighteenth Frida Ghitis published her article: Why Trump wants you to hate the media on the CNN website; the article does lives true to it’s title. Ghitis expresses her own take on President Trump’s assessment of media being the true public enemy in comparative allusions, personification, and mocketive diction. “Don’t look at me” Trump’s script “cries out”, begging the audience to look in another…

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  • Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump: Rhetoric Appeals In The Debate

    Rhetoric Appeals in the Debate The running candidates for the 2016 presidential election are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In order to receive votes, the candidates have to use the different rhetorical appeals. The different types are Logos, which appeals to a logical approach, Ethos, which appeals to an ethical approach, and Pathos, which appeals to an emotional approach. As Lester Holt introduced the candidates and the debate, the rhetorical approach pathos was used before the…

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  • Rhetorical Strategies In The Presidential Debate Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

    In a recent presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argued their character, and if they are fit to serve as president of the United States or not. Throughout their debate they depended on both rhetorical fallacies and strategies to build their arguments and prove their capability to run this country. Although the arguments made by the candidates seem to be just repetitive nuances of common issues, this debate gives us an idea of the duties and character traits a president must…

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