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  • Analysis Of Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty By Paul Krugman

    In his opinion piece for the New York Times, “Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty”, economist, Paul Krugman employs the recent discovery that Trump’s Attorney General was lying in order to shed light on the lies and corruption that have become prevalent since Trump’s inauguration. Although Krugman feels somewhat defeated by the lack of control that the people have over the current political situation he still keeps some of the same outrage he presented in “The Uses of Outrage” to again argue that…

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  • Banana Republic Pros And Cons

    There have been many accusations and appreciation for the President Nominee DOnald Trump and more has been said all the time. This week in the Republican National COnvention, Trump gave his views and well the convention was a big big hit for both good and bad reasons. IN all of this Fareed Zakaria in his weekly column for the Washington Post dedicated his post to the Republican Convention at Cleveland and no doubts on he did that. But then the next thing is pretty shocking. He sarcastically…

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  • James Comey Case Study

    PRESIDENT TRUMP FIRE COMEY Name: Suliman ID: 58195 The firing of FBI Director James Comey has brought about very controversial reactions from people all across the US. Most of them not coming to a conclusive decision of why the President made the decision to fire home. Was it Rush or did he consult with his trusted advisors? And if he consulted, then why are there a contradiction of the statements behind his firing. President Trump gave a contradictory statement on May, 11th this year…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Greed Around The World

    wanted to take over the world but the Nazi’s had been stopped they were too late and was impaitent. Around the world greed becomes more aggressive and hate becomes real. Greed will never stop it will always continue. Greed is many things for example , Donald Trump trying to reach success to President. He uses his money and power trying to get into peoples heads. Some people don’t fall for it but some also do, he tries to make him self look good but in the end he shows his true colors on the…

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  • John Muir: Environmental Activist

    John Muir (1838-1914) was an Environmental Activist, Journalist, and founder of the Sierra Club (1892). Muir also helped establish Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. He advised the federal government to adopt a forest conservation policy through articles he published in newspapers. John Muir was born April 21, 1838, in Dunbar, Scotland. When he was 11 years old he and his family immigrated to the United States to settle in Wisconsin. John attended the University of Wisconsin in…

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  • National Anthem Research Paper

    In an act of protest, some American citizens have chosen to kneel during the national anthem. The media has been consumed by this controversy. NFL players on the biggest platform, national television, have chosen to partake in the protests. No American should protest the flag and the national anthem because, the anthem and flag are the one thing that all Americans share, it sets a bad example for youth, and it disrespects our troops and veterans. By protesting the flag and anthem, Americans…

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  • Comparing Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, And Civil Rights Struggle

    Ideals In my opinion Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s was an ongoing continuum of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X’s stories which demonstrating their values, and ideals while showing their comparisons. I believe in the United States they were seen as main figures in the fight for equality, and think the author was trying to show how they got to where they were which included their views. I say this as whenever these figures tend to be…

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  • Disrespectful NFL Players

    As you may know, everyone has a voice and rights. In my personal opinion, it doesn’t matter how you make your message as long as it's not hurting anyone or destructive. Even if a person is taking a knee during the national anthem, it is not “ disrespectful”. After all, these NFL players are professional and won’t do something like use foul language on live tv or something.. Kraft believes that “Our players are intelligent, thoughtful, and care deeply about their community”(2). Thus proving…

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  • Donald Trump Vulgar Language Analysis

    The nation that we currently live within is being split in half, for a new problem has questioned our ability to be a united nation. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has created another large gap between our ‘free’ country. First off, Trump has won the primary “by obliterating nearly every rhetorical boundary.” In addition to this use of vulgar language, he continues to tell his supporters that he will keep his “‘pledge to deport 11 million illegal immigrants.’” This…

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  • Decision Making In Presidential Elections

    before but instead has recently been a reality show host. Contrary to belief, the election is not as one-sided as once perceived, in fact, the race is closer than ever at this moment. Shortly after the democratic national convention, markets gave Donald Trump as little as a 20% chance of becoming the next president. Furthermore, he may have gone too far after attacking the parents of an American Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq. Additionally, national polls have increasingly gotten closer…

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