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  • Robinson Vs Clinton Analysis

    With a critical election ahead, Americans anxiously await the results. This election impacts more than just another four years of American history; this election determines the fates of all millennium children and the strength of the economy as they enter college. Clinton’s economic plan includes making college more affordable; Trump’s plan wars with ISIS and the Middle East, depleting money from America. However, bogged down by both candidates’ scandals and characteristics, American voters…

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  • Donald Trump Crippled America Analysis

    Crippled America, a book written by Donald J. Trump, is about his controversial views on current major issues. Donald Trump is a rich and well known businessman who is a leading Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump was born in 1946 in Queens, New York, the son of Frederick and Mary Trump. Donald was a troublemaker at a young age causing his parents sent him to New York Military Academy at the age of 13. The military academy transformed Donald into a disciplined…

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  • News Place Laws

    The media’s role in today’s society is interlocked and essential to the conveying of information. The media has access to television broadcasting and has people to go find stories to broadcast. However, as time has progressed, the media has become more and more opinionated. Consequently, the bias of the news and media in their reporting of news has tainted the opinions of the American people. By creating a strict set of laws pertaining to the reporting of news, bias within reports will have to…

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  • Muslim Discrimination Cases

    in California was attacked and discriminated against because of her Muslim religion. The student was reported wearing a hijab. It is also sated that the perpetrator 's intent was to attack her religious faith and to put emphasis on the election of Donald Trump (Kunzelman, 2016). Despite the hateful and cruel behavior of the perpetuators, the women made it out of the situation safely. In addition, a second incident was reported when another Muslim student at San Jose University was attacked in…

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  • How To Kill Clowns In America

    to debates. Part of being a resident here in the United States means facing problems including, but not limited to, internal violence, immigration, and unfit presidential candidates. “Crime is out of control, and rapidly getting worse. Not good!” Donald Trump tweeted last Tuesday. All across America, there are various types of crimes taking place and citizens are beginning…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Hillary Clinton's 'Reshuffle'

    In her policy ads, Hillary Clinton shows how she would improve the lives of those around her with her policies. In her ad “reshuffle”, Clinton talks about how she plans to reshuffle the working jobs in America to help the middle class. In “stretched”, she talks about how she plans to raise income for middle class families – at the end, she says “hope you read my plan”. In “every child”, Hillary says to look at her granddaughter and the opportunities which she has been given. She says that she…

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  • The Influence Of Music In Politics

    However, music can be enjoyed and cherished in private. Donald Trump may love the music of Adele or the Rolling Stones, and he is free to enjoy their songs on his own time. However, once he elected to utilize their intellectual material for his own personal gain on the campaign trail, he began to tread murky…

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  • President Trump Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Essay Has President Trump been treated unfairly by all forms of media? Media is defined as the main means of mass communication. Donald Trump was elected to be president in November of 2016. This brought anger to some and joy to others. It seems that he might be one of the most controversial presidents in our history. People either absolutely love or despise him. There aren’t many opinions in the middle. The people who hate him are being influenced by all forms of media and don’t…

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  • Bill Of Rights: Challenges Of Fake News Reports

    Challenges of Fake News Reports In the Bill of Rights, it clearly states, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press,” (James Madison 3). This constitutional amendment allows the right for anyone to publish news without government restrictions. With that in mind, there are no limitations on what can be published. The information that is distributed to the public is usually found in magazines, newspapers, or social media platforms. Most people in the United States read these…

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  • The Influence Of Technology On Politics

    stay pretty quiet on their social media until Donald Trump ran for president. Donald Trump can dedicate his victory to twitter because of his activity on twitter the whole world knew who he was and the press continued to cover him because of relentless remarks on the site. The American people seem less likely to vote for someone who is fully qualified for the position and rather vote for someone who is entertaining.Ronald Reagan is similar to Donald Trump because both of the candidates defeated…

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