The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is a name we have all seen in the news lately with his outlandish language, degrading of his opponents, and those who have questioned his reasons behind joining the presidential race. He has went out and made a personal attack on John McCain saying he wants a war hero who is not captured then turns around and states that he (Donald) has done more to help veterans than John. These kinds of attacks have been his method of showing his views and frankly have been upsetting a lot of people in the U.S. and in politics, but that is where we need to look at him as a representative. One such attack was on the Mexican population we have here in America mainly those who are here illegally, stating that most illegals were criminals and rapists, and that is where the …show more content…
Trump have in skill set. Well that has yet to be seen, can he build a better system for healthcare, balance our military, or help curb this overgrowing race issue which is very present to this day. Without having a debate to really test this it has yet to be seen, but so far all he is good at his the basic topics and he really does not get into very controversial topics. By stating good I should include the stirring up of situations and then very poorly helping his image or down right loses that subject all together. So, we have a candidate that is as far as I have seen not well at conducting foreign policy and really debating for that matter. Donald has also not stated his position on many subjects like healthcare, the military, balancing budgets, economy to an extent, or education. It is early on so we may still see those questions answered later on, but those questions probably will not shock us too much and still leave him as a low prospect on the candidacy chart. Therefore, even with high rates now and him constantly in the news, Donald Trump is not ready to be President of the United

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