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  • Mcadam And Kloos Analysis

    DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (take a total 600 words to answer) 1. About 200 words: Summarize why McAdam/Kloos and Eduardo Porter believe the United States is experiencing a crisis of political legitimacy. As more and more citizens become disheartened by the American political system, the question of political legitimacy has come into play. McAdam and Kloos remark that there has never been this high of distrust in the government. In 1964, 74 percent of Americans trusted their government “to do the right…

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  • Supreme Court Persuasive Essay

    Right at the beginning of the third debate there is a question about the Supreme Court asked by moderator Chris Wallace. Hillary responds by using reasoned persuasion by bringing up movements and cases close to a lot of people’s hearts. This shows reasoned persuasion because she says that her supreme court will be on the side of these movements and be better than it is now. Then once Clinton finishes her response Trump begins his counter. He begins his counter by immediately attacking a Supreme…

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  • Mark Twain's 'Fahrenheit 451'

    to overtake them. Knowledge and thoughts are such a precious and powerful thing that it could lead to various things that cause these “rulers” to be afraid. For example one of these people that want to be known as a “ruler” as of now is great old Donald Trump. He thinks that he is right about everything and wants to get rid of all these people but honestly I believe that he is low key afraid of them overruling him or even just afraid of them overall.…

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  • Earth To Donald Trump Words Matter Analysis

    “Would you do business with someone who routinely exaggerated his or her abilities?” states Diane Diamond to open her persuasive article “Earth to Donald Trump: Words Matter.” This question brings an immediate comparison to scamming or conning. In this article Diamond evaluates Donald Trump and his unconventional method of running for president. As readers we see the authors take on this specific point in the third paragraph as she mocks Trump by calling his campaign the…

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  • Should Transgender People Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

    Our military is made of volunteers from all states. It is made up of people from different creeds and races. It made up of people with different genders, and it is made up of people with different ideals but each with one goal in mind. To protect their country and its people. With a military as diverse as ours you would think that transgender people would have a place in our military along with everyone else, yet they aren’t allowed to serve according to our president. On July 26th Trump…

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  • Racism And Racists Like Donald Trump

    5 Facts about Racism and Racists like Donald Trump Donald Trump has certainly raised some eyebrows in the last couple of months. After his policy to shutdown all Muslims entering the U.S., a former NFL player called him out. Hamza Abdullah actually compared Donald Trump to a drunk driver. This was no doubt to take a shot about his apparent racism. Speaking of racism, here are some other facts about racists like Donald Trump. FACT 1 Did you know that liking white meat is racist? This sounds…

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  • How To Write Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

    Donald Trump is one of the main candidates of the 2016 presidential campaign. Although he is one of the more popular candidates, he is not a highly respected candidate and he should be. Donald Trump is an established businessman, he is self-funded, and he has the right mindset to get America’s economy back on track after its downward spiral over the last few years. From my point of view, I believe the he is the right man for the job. The 2016 presidential campaign is one of the most popular…

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  • Summary Of Trump Gains When He Stays In The Background By Fred Barnes

    Political journalist, Fred Barnes, in his journal, “Trump Gains When He Stays in the Background”, analyzes Trump’s pattern to gaining in the polls. Barnes’ purpose is to indicate what causes Trump to fall behind Clinton in the polls and then how he redeems himself to get ahead of her again. He adopts an unbiased tone in order to appeal to both sides in his adult readers. Barnes’ uses dashes, talks about how Trump falls behind and gets back up again in each paragraph in order to illustrate what…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Political Parties

    The United States of America did not start out with political parties, as most are shocked to learn. President George Washington holds a very distinct honor, the only American non-partisan president. The truth be known, political parties did not develop until 1790’s as conflict grew over the vision of America’s future development. Two major parties arose, the Federalist (those with beliefs of international trade, manufacturing and large government). While others (like Thomas Jefferson) were…

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  • Immigration Issue Analysis

    words. The obvious question is whether or not these concerns are legitimate or based upon intolerance and racism. With the immigration and refugee surge, there has been a visible surge of racist sentiments in the form of media and politicians such as Donald Trump are capitalizing on it. A common trait among Trump’s supporters, as portrayed by different media outlets, is that they are below national American education standards. A question that I would like to explore is what impact education…

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