The Antichrist

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Antichrist from Greece?

Regarding what territorial location the Antichrist might arise, I had previously leaned towards Greece. Daniel chapter eight refers to a Goat which represents the Greek Empire. Verse eight mentions four horns which come out of the broken horn from the head of the goat. These represent the four generals that Alexander the Great left the kingdom to after he died. The following verses reference the “Little Horn” as coming out of the four horns. The context has both a historical as well as an end-times prophetic anti-type application. Most premillennial commenters suggest that this Little Horn passage has a double fulfillment. There is a historical context fulfilled in the person of Antiochus Epiphanes who reigned over
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Now in view of Psalm 18:10 (‘He rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea He did fly upon the wings of the wind.’), it is highly probable that Dan. 9:27 refers to a satanic imitation of the Chariot of Cherubim.” Pink is suggesting that the Antichrist will perform some kind of super-natural display where the Antichrist is seen riding in a “flying” chariot; perhaps through the power of some fallen angel …show more content…
Perhaps it’s simply some kind of winged idol made to mock the ark of the covenant which is also covered with winged Cherubs. Either way, what’s noteworthy is the giant painting on the ceiling of Trump’s penthouse of a wingless Apollo standing in his chariot ready to take his flight across the sky, much less a blonde Apollo being led by Aurora. Greek myth connects this with the morning star, Venus (or Lucifer), coming out of heaven. Is it reading too much into this to say that Trump perhaps sees himself as a kind of Apollo, Helios or Jupiter? Remember this quote from his second wife, Marla Maples? “He’s a king. I mean truly. He is. He’s a king. He really is a ruler of the world, as he sees it.” (Donald Trump Believes he was Born to be a King by Michael

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