Antigone Vs Creon Character Analysis

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In the greek play Antigone, the main character Antigone had planned to go against the king Creon to follow the laws of her God. “In all of the thebes, you’re the only one who looks at things that way.” says Antigone. She believed that Creon had certain views on unburying her brother, Polyneices, and she didn’t quite agree with them. Antigone’s words, actions, and ideas contrast with Creon’s character to the point of these two characters having conflicting motivations. These conflicting motivations cause the characteristics of hubris, insensitive, mercenary to be highlighted within Creon’s character. Ultimately, these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by showing his true colors toward people and thebes. These character …show more content…
We see evidence from the text when Creon discovers that Antigone is the one who is to blame about the digging up of his brother. He threatens to kill her, and she is okay with it. Antigone goes and tells Creon; “they share my same views, but they keep their mouth shut just for you.” Creon disagrees with this statement, but it is in fact, very true. The only punishment that Creon offers Antigone is death, and absolutely nothing else.

Creon’s character is developed as a tragic hero when Antigone decides to kill herself. This leads to a downfall in the story. All the deaths in the story lead up to Antigone’s suicide. After all of Creon’s threatening, she decided to take things into her own hands and to go ahead and take her own life. In line 1031, Antigone says; “Instead I go sorrow to my grave without my friends, to die while still” -she is saying her death wish and accepting her fate to die.

As a final point, having too much pride and being stubborn can soon lead to one being sad and alone. Don’t point fingers, and don’t come up with conclusions in your head when you do not know all of the facts. Eventually what you say, has a huge affect on people and thier

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