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  • Importance Of Trans-Pacific Partnership

    The Trans-pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between 12 countries, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. The purpose of the Trans Pacific Partnership is to deepen economic ties between these nations by reducing tariffs and promote the development of trade. The increase in trade between these nations is aimed at reducing China and India’s dominance it the Pacific Rim. The Trans-Pacific Partnership was not a…

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  • Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

    between democratic Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump. Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. She served as the 67th Secretary of State. Hillary is married to the former United States President Bill Clinton and they have one daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Trump was born on June 19, 1946 in Queens, New York City. He was a businessman, owning The Trump Organization. He is currently married to Melania Trump. His children are Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron…

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  • Analysis Of White Trash

    White trash has become a massive history in America dating back from the colonial period in Jamestown to the present day. Isenberg, in her book about the ‘white trash’ and as ‘the face of a white trash’, explains the unpleasant fine points of our national identity, tying to the America’s social hierarchy and how America has never offered an equal opportunity to all white comers. She gives us a very powerful insight about how the imagery of the class system and the consistency of prejudice is…

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  • Trump A Bad President Essay

    even more worse than Trump. My Teacher, who I will not mention by name, motivated her students to vote for Ms. Clinton just because she was scared for her black rights. She claimed “with trump in office we will have a dictatorship”. The thought of Donald Trump in office struck fear into US citizens, because of everything he had stated in his speech. His plans to build a wall near Mexico and his common claims if disgraceful acts towards women and other stuff left people with assumption that he…

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  • Media Bias Essay

    back up with facts. However, the article does what the title implies it will do. It is successfully written against Hillary Clinton in order to influence voters to not vote for her. Similar articles can be found written to have the same affect on Donald Trump’s campaign. Examples of these articles are “Clinton: Trump’s Election Talk ‘Threatens’ Democracy” and “The Politics of Having a Putin ‘Puppet’ as President.” Other articles are bias in other ways that extend far past the boundaries of the…

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  • Donald Trump: The Mark Of The Beast In The World

    Daniel 11:38 says, “he will honor him with gold, silver, costly stones and treasures.” Not only will this god be strong, not only will it be something new, the creators of such a monstrosity will spare no expense in making it attractive. What did Donald Trump start his campaign on? Building a wall, making America great again, bringing wealth to by creating more separation between it and the rest of the world. In other words, Trump is wanting to turn America into a fortress. And like Nimrod…

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  • The Five Characteristics Of Donald J. Trump, By Donald Trump

    transparent to a current politician named Donald J. Trump, as he acts upon the paradox of honesty, compassion, and trustworthiness. Throughout Machiavelli’s, The Prince, he reinforces ideas on what traits a ruler must adapt to, in order to stay in power. These traits may only be present around others, but behind closed doors, the ruler may be adverse to those attributes. This idea of idiosyncrasy that Machiavelli states are prominent in the characteristics that Donald Trump portrays. Trump, like…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Cadillac's ELR Coupe 2014 Commercial

    The Cadillac's ELR Coupe 2014 Commercial embodies the perfect American dream. It starts off with an American man gazing out over his pool right before delivering a thesis on the American Dream. He is playing the role of a self-made man who walks around his two- story modern house and displays his wealth while promoting his version of the American work ethic that made all his wealth possible. In the beginning of the video, the gentleman is dressed in a polo shirt and khaki shorts, but later…

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  • Dame Jodi Dench Character Analysis

    Dr. Q Honors English 17/3/23 The Fundamental Actress of The Importance of Being Earnest- Dame Judi Dench “The Importance of Being Earnest” is a British comedy written by Oscar Wilde, which was transposed into a movie by the director Oliver Parker in 2002. Lady Augusta Bracknell is a dominant character which has a profound impact in both play and movie; her role is essential. She symbolizes the stereotypical upper-class woman during the Victorian Age. She is the tool through which Oscar…

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  • Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

    Many people didn’t expect Donald Trump’s campaign to last very long. Trump is gaining supporters and claiming that he will “make America great again.” His rise to the top could not have been predicted because no one would have expected a businessman to lead the presidential campaign. Many factors go into Trump’s rise to fame. A few factors include that many Americans do not have views that align with a specific party or ideology, many Americans believe that they are losing jobs and opportunities…

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