Vikings Influence On American Culture

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Vikings were an impactful group of people during the Middle Ages. Vikings were an intimidating group of people that defeated enemies, won battles, and influenced European culture. The viking religion influenced later religion. Their warfare strategies are still used today. Vikings were influential. Vikings were polytheistic in their religion. The vikings worshipped seven gods in their religion. “Viking gods were believed to be part of nature and could be as foolish as humans.” Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki, Balder, Idun, and Frey, The father of the gods was Odin, and he was the god of wisdom. Odin is missing an eye, and he gave that eye for wisdom and knowledge. Odin rode into battle on an 8 legged horse (Higgins, 2015). In the afterlife, vikings thought that they would go and be trained by Odin in preparation of a battle (Lamoureux, 2009). Thor was another of the main viking gods. Thor was the Viking strength and meteorology god. Thor has a goat carriage he rode on when he went to war. Freya was the main goddess in the viking religion. Freya rules Folkvangar where viking warriors killed in battle rest in the afterlife. Freya was the goddess of love, death, war, and beauty. Viking legend says that Freya is in search …show more content…
Their goal was to intimidate and take prisoners and loot. Attacks would happen very swiftly to prevent loot and important people from being hidden. They would often capture monks while they were raiding and hold them as slaves or until the ransom was paid. To intimidate the enemy, they vikings had grooves carved into their teeth. The most intimidating soldiers were the berserkers. The berserkers were fearless in battle, and they were so amped up and aggressive that scientists think they may have took drugs (Higgins, 2015). The berserkers main goal was to cause carnage and capture the enemy leader (Ager, 2011). The vikings used many weapons in their strategies and they took care and honored their

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