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  • Remember The Titans By O. Scott: Film Analysis

    satisfying to watch despite the moral of the movie being one that has been taught in many other movies. On one hand the film focuses on the rough reality of racism. On the other hand, the film does a great job at using intense football clips to show the grit that football players face on the gridiron. That combination truly makes for an entertaining and action-packed…

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  • Why Do People Support Participation Achievement?

    The Reality of Participation Awards Suppose you are seven years old and involved in a sport. You, along with your teammates, worked extremely hard all season and won the championship. At the end of the season, your team, as well as the other teams, are given participation awards for simply being involved with the activity. How would the participation award make you feel? Participation trophies cause a lot of controversy with people. Do participation trophies have a positive impact, or are…

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  • Acceptance In The Film: The Blind Side

    true-story. The film was shown, last 2009 and it’s a drama type of film. It is directed by John Lee and written by the director itself with the help of Michael Lewis. The mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy, was portrayed by Sandra Bullock. Bullock is an American actress, which starred in many films. The title of the film – The Blind Side, is actually based from the sport that Michael plays, which is football. The blind side refers to the blind spot behind a quarterback when he is passing, and the…

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  • Bend It Like Beckham Analysis

    Bend it like Beckham is about football, race, gender, and culture. The sport has different definitions – it can be a voluntary participation (fun), intrinsic reward important, physical skill and exertion. As discussed in the first lecture, sport provides a pleasurable experience to so many people. Sport can be a source of tension but at the same time, it brings people together from different cultures, ethnicities and countries. It is an inspiration to many people in our society today. I will be…

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  • Gender Inequality In Film Essay

    Gender Inequality in the Film Industry needs to be talked about If you can’t name 5 female directors that have directed more than 3 films, gender inequality exists in the film world. There is a huge pay, equality, opportunity, and bais gap between men and women in the film industry. For every 5 men working, there is 1 woman (Zurko). As a women pursuing film, it’s discouraging how i will have less opportunity and wage than someone else just because of my gender. By highlighting the social and…

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  • Scholarship Essay: I Want To Be A Casting Director

    wanted to be when I grew up I always had an answer for them: I wanted to be a Casting Director. I am the first to admit that this is a weird answer for an 11 year old child to give, however, even then I knew that that job was for me. While I have been sure that I wanted to become a Casting Director since the 5th grade, I have never been exactly sure how to accomplish that dream. There is no major called “Casting Director”. I have spoken to several people in the industry who have given me advice…

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  • Case Study: Pipeline Development And Management

    Pipeline Development and Management Prior to OAI’s engagement, all of the existing Partnership Directors and the Interim Chief of Partnerships had large individuals large prospect lists, which included current sponsors, active prospects, disqualified prospects, and names of potential prospects with no current activity. Each Director managed their list separately. Directors worked towards the team revenue goal, but did not have an established individual goal. Moreover, there were no activity…

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  • Essay On Should College Football Players Be Paid

    College football players need to be paid under contract? Football is considered as one of the rough sports and most of the players involved in this game have a short career. Many successful football players have struggled a lot from their college level to stabilize their career in the football. Because of the popularity of this game, college football becomes the source of generating income for most of the college in U.S. But since 1900’s it has arisen a debatable issue whether college football…

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  • Soccer Informative Speech

    brother played for the national Malaysian team. Growing up, of course I loved the beautiful game growing up. Today I will be talking about what makes soccer such a beautiful game. Many people despise soccer/football, kids get bullied in school because they like to play the game known as soccer/football, hopefully today I can change your view about soccer players and show how the game brings everyone together. I will be talking about three key points, Bullying, passion and the act of converging…

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  • College Athlete Benefits

    students have the opportunity of a lifetime to go to some of the best colleges in the country and still have a great educational career. Sadly, most of these college athletes do not use their scholarships to the full potential and only worry about football instead of classes as well. Athletes could also get an amazing degree with their full ride scholarship that most of them acquire (Sports and…

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