Scholarship Essay: I Want To Be A Casting Director

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When I was a little and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always had an answer for them: I wanted to be a Casting Director. I am the first to admit that this is a weird answer for an 11 year old child to give, however, even then I knew that that job was for me. While I have been sure that I wanted to become a Casting Director since the 5th grade, I have never been exactly sure how to accomplish that dream. There is no major called “Casting Director”. I have spoken to several people in the industry who have given me advice on what to study when I am in school. The advice I have always gotten is either study film, acting, management, communications, or theatre. I came into Emerson with the intention of studying communications, …show more content…
I don’t plan on taking many courses within Performing Arts, however I feel that both classes I hope to take are necessary for my future career. I plan on taking Introduction to Acting, which will allow me to understand the mind of the actor. I think that this is extremely important, not only because it will teach me the craft of acting, but will also give me compassion for what actors go through. When I spoke to someone working in the casting industry, the number one piece of advice she gave me was to be compassionate. That the actors are nervous and that being kind to them necessary for the job. I believe that having the experience of having acted is necessary in order to be compassionate to what actors have to do in auditions. I also plan on taking Directing 1: Fundamentals of Directing. This will help me to continue my understanding of the mind of the director. This may be the number one skill when it comes to casting, so I feel that taking multiple classes on directing is necessary. I also think it’s important to look at directing from different angles, and seeing directing from both a film and stage perspective will prepare me for my future career the best way

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