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  • Critical Appraisal Of Decision Analysis

    the Decision Approach 3.1 How the Approach could have been Improved The IDAPER decision approach was systematic and useful at arriving at decisions. However, there are certain factors that could have been included to help the SMRT management exhaust all their options for the right decisions. Firstly, SMRT should have consulted with independent external experts in the transport industry. This would have given the management a broader risk management analysis on which to make informed decisions.…

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  • Decision Trees Case Study

    Decision Trees - Chelst Chapter 10 Exercises – Kimberly Matthews 10.1 – Sequential decisions: Present an example of a sequence of two or more decisions followed by an uncertainty. Should we open a bakery or a diner?…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day That Changed My Life

    As we were going down the stairs towards the living room with the Christmas tree and the presents. We approached the corner, I saw a wheel, and wondered what it is and as I got closer It started to come to me. My Mom and StepMom bought us all new bikes. All three of us burst with excitement and joy, our eye glowed like giant marbles…

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  • Family Addiction Essay

    “Addiction is a family disease; one person may use but the whole family suffers.” (Shelly Lewis) Growing up in a family where both of your parents battle the disease of alcoholism is something no one should ever have to deal with. I’m eighteen years old and it is still hard for me to understand this disease and what it has done to destroy my family little by little over the years. This topic is something I struggle with every day, talking about it is something I struggle with too. I’m not asking…

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  • Romanticism Vs Classicism

    around us. Therefore, when initially shown two very different looking trees, one with an asymmetrical configuration and the other the epitome of tree perfection, my first instinct was to pick the perfect one. However, upon further consideration, I soon came to the conclusion that tree B’s perfection is anything but ideal. By analyzing the details of tree B, I was met with reflections of the scientific but also social concept of the “perfect human” or the ”perfect pet”. Personally I find those…

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  • A Christmas Research Paper

    Christmas tree and Nativity scene both were displayed in the space. I set to work on the Nativity scene first because I knew that the Christmas tree would take longer to festoon. After adding the animals, the three Kings, along with Mary and Joseph I was practically done besides adding small details. I stepped back to admire my work once again and even began to think that maybe I could have a well-established career being an interior…

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  • Personal Narrative: My New Home In The US

    surrounding nature. In the backyard, the well-trimmed grass and the pink, bulbous tulips captivated my dark brown eyes. The falling green leaves from the oak tree gave me serenity. Inhaling the air, I savored the smell of timber combined with the soothing scent of perennials. My eyes followed the startled squirrels scurrying to the nearest oak tree. As two Bewick 's Wren chirped relentlessly from the brown fence, my mother interrupted my train of…

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  • What Is The Christmas Tree Symbolize In A Doll's House

    Christmas tree, Nora’s tarantella dance, Nora’s costumes, and the macaroons. Each symbol helps move along the story of Nora and Torvald’s relationship and how Nora is treated inside of her home. Her emotions change throughout the play and the symbols help show how she feels. The Christmas tree represents happiness and joy. It’s hard to not be optimistic around Christmas time. In the beginning of the play, the Christmas tree is related to Nora because she is excited for Christmas. The Christmas…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Toy Guns

    Toy guns were created around eighteen sixty-five, following the Civil War and were intended for the playful use of children. By giving them an object similar to a real gun, it gave children an opportunity to escape the harsh aftermath of the war through pure imaginative roleplay including but not limited to: cops and robbers, war play, etc. Sadly, in today’s society the facetious nature of toy guns has been altered from what it was originally intended for. Because of the unforeseen affects it…

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  • Mr Dubore Reflection

    sister and I were putting up ornaments onto the tree as my mom was organizing the lights out of the big, blue, plastic box with a grey piece of duct tape labeled “Lights.” There was evergreen tree sent in the air along with the Heffron Family Cheesecake cooking in the oven. We were listening to a new version of “Santa Baby” by the country artist Kelly Pickler. My sister and I spent more time singing and dancing to the song than decorating the tree. This part of the season is a major part of my…

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