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  • Personal Narrative: The First Day Of Christmas

    Peacefulness sauntered throughout the house. I woke up thinking I would race down the stairs to discover my brightly lit, ten-foot cedar tree, with an array of presents and stockings; nonetheless, I took the short walk from my makeshift bed to the living room to find that tiny, tattered Christmas tree. Snow fell serenely, providing a charming backdrop for that little tree with the K-Mart gifts nuzzled up around it. I looked around at my blissful family; my grandfathers face, although weary from…

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  • Child Labor In A Christmas Carol

    Most people would think that “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens is about Christmas when it was originally written to prevent child labor. The novella tells the story of a wealthy and greedy man named Ebenezer Scrooge. He is not the nicest gentleman and he is mean to his poor servant whose name is Bob Cratchit. This book teaches us that money does not always make us happy. This message can still apply to us today. around the time that ACC was written, children did a lot of work in the mines…

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  • Christmas Eve Stigma

    Teri-Ann Walls Mrs. Kearns SHE 10 Assignment: Fictional Narrative The Christmas Eve Enigma “My bike has been stolen; and on Christmas Eve, for that matter!” Cat cried into her cellphone. “Also, I am presently trapped in Barney’s Christmas Shoppe.” She glimpsed out the grand windows lining the painted walls of the warehouse. The sky was becoming dim as the sun submerged under the skyline. On the other end of the receiver, her siblings, Jordan and Serena Fontecchier exchanged…

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  • Christmas In Camelot Analysis

    The chapter book I have chosen to write about is Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne, which is a part of the Magic Tree House series. This series is about two kids: Jack and Annie, who find a magical, time traveling tree house. In this book, they receive an invitation to come to Camelot for Christmas, but when they get there, no one is celebrating Christmas. They find out that a spell has been cast on Camelot that took all the joy and celebration from the people and three Knights of the…

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  • Personal Narrative-Chippy's Christmas

    climbed out of it onto Chippy’s fluffy black fur. She clutched his fur tight and she troggled down the stairs to the den. Laying in the den, there was a giant Christmas tree decorated with amazing red, yellow, purple, and blue ornaments. Ashley jumped up and down on Chippy’s back and Chippy walked into the den. Right by the Christmas tree, there was a plant. Chippy found some red and blue ribbons and some…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Recipe For Success

    A recipe for success. I like cake, Do you like cake? Have you ever creeped into the kitchen at night and took a little slice? Cake is so good we’d eat it raw; that's right even the batter is good! You have so many flavors; vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, and I think everyone's favorite pound cake!! If i told you right now all cake was the same, you all would look at me crazy. Nevertheless, cake comes in different flavors and styles, but they all contain these basic ingredients. Flour, eggs, and…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Yummy Chocolate

    It should come as of no surprise when I say yummy chocolates, but how if I say yummy chocolate greeting card? Yes, of course it would be an untold surprise for everyone. Chocolates are always a best friend for every person from children to old age. So why not to surprise your loved ones with all-time favorite food chocolate. No, it's not only a chocolate, but a personalized chocolate greeting card. Now you might be thinking of what are personalized chocolate greeting card! Yes, you are right…

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  • Creative Writing: Secret Santa

    down from the grey cloudy sky. Amber swung the office door behind her and was greeted by her cheerful employees. The office was decorated with lights and garland hanging around the cubicles, paper snowflakes taped to the ceiling and a fake Christmas tree stood right by the door. Most people were wearing ugly sweaters, Santa hats, or red and green earrings. Amber took the elevator to the seventh out of twenty-six floors including the roof. Her friends…

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  • Piñata Research Paper

    The games listed below are great for themed birthday parties! Pinata The piñata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with sweets and/or toys. It is generally suspended on a rope from a tree branch or ceiling and is used during celebrations. A succession of blindfolded, stick-wielding children try to break the piñata in order to collect the sweets (traditionally sugarcane) and/or toys inside of it. Best of all you can either create or purchase a pinata that matches your theme. It may…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Lost Christmas

    Liz Chen Yishu 2013202139 Tuesday 16:00 The Lost Christmas I “Well, Miss ‘Lucky,’ congratulations.” “Thanks… So is it mine?” “Of course,” the director answered. The next day. Bang. The door opened. Olla rushed into my room, yelling crazily as if it just found me dead. “Sweetheart! You’re in the newspaper! Look at the picture!” I buried myself in bed, pretending that I couldn’t hear. But Olla never gives up. “Sweetheart! Don’t stay in bed! Come on, let’s go jogging—” I couldn’t put it…

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