Deciduous Forest Research Paper

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There are many different biomes in the world. One very interesting biome includes the deciduous forest. This biome has many wonders and it’s the home to many fascinating creatures. The Kodkod is an example of one of the animals that live in this biome. The Kodkod has found great ways to adapt and survive in it’s habitat, the deciduous forest. Deciduous forests are located all over the world. From the eastern half of North America, the middle of Europe, Asia, to South America. Some of the major areas with deciduous forests include Southwest Russia, Japan, and eastern China. South America has two big areas of deciduous forests, Southern Chile and Middle East Coast of Paraguay. Deciduous forests can also be found in New Zealand and Southeast …show more content…
Deciduous forests have four seasons. Most of these forests, like the ones located in South America, have summer beginning in early June and lasting for about three to four months. Then their winter usually starts in early December. During winter months the temperature can lead to a little bit of freezing. Almost every deciduous forest is located near an ocean. They also get lots of wind. Oceans and wind are major factors of why the temperature changes so much. Deciduous forests have many changes in precipitation and temperature. They get up to 14 inches of rain during winter months and up to 18 inches during the summer months.
Deciduous forests have both abiotic and biotic factors. Some abiotic factors found in these forests are rain, wind, oceans nearby, sunlight, temperature, soil, rocks, hills, and the air. Biotic factors found in deciduous forests include plants, bacteria, pests, bugs, animals, and trees.
The Kodkod is one of the many creatures that live in deciduous forests. The Kodkod lives in the deciduous forests of South America. They are mostly found in Chile and Argentina. It’s a dusky brown and yellowish color, with black spots. It’s short-legged and has wide paws. The Kodkod is one of the smallest wild cats measuring 15-20 inches in length and weighs about 5.5 lbs. It has black dark facial features around it’s forehead, nose, and the inner corner of their eyes. It has a very much like resemblance to a Geoffroy’s

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