Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up To A Tree House

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The car screeched as my mother slowed down to turned off the main road onto my grandparent’s dirt driveway. The top of the trees arched around the beaten dirt road casting a shadow that soon blocked the sun from my view. The feeling of the road tossing our car back and forth like it weigh nothing, caused my stomach to rock. The rocking got so bad my mother slowed down to 15 miles an hour as she navigated her way up to the main house. My grandparents have a chunk of land next to the Whitefish chain. Thier place was my second home growing up. It was an escape from my huge family and a place I could explore with my cousin Tabby who lived just down the road from my grandparents’ house. Together we got ourselves into a lot of trouble but nothing …show more content…
We jumped back of the back and bursted into a run to catch up to him. We followed a trail of trees marked with red paint until we stopped in front of a old oak tree. I looked around and my face fell. I saw Tabby was just as confused as I was. My grandpa laughed and told us to look up. Hidden up in the branches was what looked to be a tree house. I could feel the excitement come over me, but then my grandpa told us to stay where we were. I watch as he climb up into the branches of the mighty oak. All of a sudden a shower of leaves started falling from all sides of the treehouse. A second later it stopped and my grandpa’s bald head popped out from the sea of branches. When he was back on the ground we asked to go up. He shook his head and told us it wasn’t a treehouse it was a hunting stand. He just making sure it didn’t need an repair before the deer season started. Disappointed I look over at Tabby, she looked at me and smiled. Confused I was about to ask her about it when grandpa started back towards the explorer. Just before I turned to leave Tabby whisper in my ear that we were coming back after lunch by …show more content…
We popped in ate everything that was on our plates and was gone before she sat down. We laughed as we made our way down the driveway and turned onto the trail towards the orchard. We raced through the apple trees. I didn’t noticed how hot it was until we got to the far end of the orchard. I laid down on the warm green grass and looked up at the sky. We just laid there for a second, trying to catch our breaths and listening to the wind wrestling through the trees. All of a sudden I remembered my grandpa’s comment about the bear. I sat up and scanned the woods around us. I told Tabby maybe we should go back towards the house. But she was determined to climb up the tree and honestly I wanted see the view from the top too. So we head off down the trail my grandpa had drive down early. However after a few turns I begin to doubt where we were all the trees and bushes around us look almost the exact same. I asked Tabby if we were almost there. She stopped and said she was following me. We exchanged a few seconds of awkward glances back and forth. She said it had to be just up ahead, but I had a sickening feeling in my stomach that we were lost. I shook it off though because I believed Tabby would have told me if she felt lost too. I followed her farther down the trail, she stopped and smiled. I looked where she was looking and saw a red mark on a tree to the left of us. She turned off the trail and headed towards the mark

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