The Four Movies Analysis

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It is pretty obvious that the four films of Theme two are all somehow similar, and the first thing they have in common is the theme, which, to my understanding, is resource rob and environmental justice. All four movies are trying to deliver the message that human-beings are greedy, they try to gather as much resource as they can for their future development, which destroys many beautiful natural lands and directly kills a lot of natives along with their sacred culture. Also, it is pretty obvious that these four movies are all mainly talked about the conflict between modern human-beings and native “uncivilized savage”. Modern people tried to invade natives’ lands and grab their resources like gold or mineral, and their first step is cutting …show more content…
In The Emerald Forest, they are Tommy the native and his biological father, Bill, in Avatar, they are Neytiri the native and Jack, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, they are Crysta the native and Pete, in Pocahontas, they are Pocahontas the native and John Smith. Also, all the natives finally become the eco-heroes in those four movies, because their hope is to save their motherland and protect the natural environment. The eco-hero who is a modern people in those movies are all somehow similar, they used to believe that what modern people did is correct and necessary, they were even the participants of those evil plans, however, after they closely got in touch with some natives and lived with them in their lifestyle, they gradually changed their mind, they were attracted by the natives’ spirit and their culture, they wanted to help the natives to protect the natural environment, they tried to persuade each side to remain calm and stop fighting, and they are not afraid to fight back against modern people. John Smith is the representative of them, when they suffered the storm in the ocean, he jumped into the sea without hesitation just in order to save one weak sailor, he went to the tribe by himself and he saved the chief from the bullet, which directly stop the fight. It is pretty obvious that they are typical heroes who are brave, courageous and inspiring. What’s more, eco-hero the natives are more like caregivers, especially in FernGully: The Last Rainforest and Pocahontas, Crysta and Pocahontas are representative caregivers, they are compassionate, protective, and devoted, they made the modern eco-heroes feel touched and they were willing to separate themselves with their lovers just in

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