Visual Analysis Of Monet

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Monet. The painting is an impressionism rendering mastering done by Monet, the strokes are very visible, first Monet start with very strong strokes that gradually progress to smoother shorter stroke, the most prominent are in the sky, mainly compose of blues and greys. the strong shades are the bottom of the painting, rich and vivid shade of green Monet uses to represent the patches of grass partially covered with snow.
This cityscape despite a winter scenery with people carrying umbrella, the snowflakes are not visible but the snow on the ground gives the viewers the impression that has been disturbed by the people walking. The sky is pale blue and gray colors and appeared a bit cloudy as the painting is intended to resemble a winter scenery,
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The large figure carries a large umbrella painted with a red brown hue, the umbrella seeing to losses it shapes. there are no visible borders separating the snow cover sidewalk from the wooden fence that encircled the green bushes along the side. the viewer can see small patches of snow over the wooden fence. the houses painted very simple mostly in light yellow and brown and the first two story house have green color shutter along it windows. Two houses on the left are even more simple that the large houses, they appear to be smaller and not on frontal view, snow can be seeing on over the roof of the house as well as in the fences in front of the houses.
The people appeared to just walking as they daily routine not affected by the climate, they almost appear to be enjoying the snowy day with no rush to get to their destination. Some of the other figures on a distance merge in to the fence and only their bodies can be seeing only partially, their umbrella is the indicator of the number of people walking along the
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There is also the feeling that the artist must have had to be in a higher elevation that the scenery allowing him to observe the people and the house in the capacity that it is displayed in the painting. Male and female figures can be identified in the painting, only by what they are wearing. Monet make this distinction by painting them with forms that resemble dress and pants on the figures. In the painting Monet choose to represent ordinary people doing ordinated thing, in a country side were fence are built with ruff wood, kept unpainted and the houses are simple appear to be single house with modest architectural physires.
The trees on the background are done in a very simple manner with very little details and it colors give the tree the impression of size and distance in relationship to the others trees in Monet scenery. Monet manage to captured the sun when it struggles to shine through the gray clouds of the winter.
Monet uses very pale hues of paint to give the viewer the feeling of winter, when plants have lost theirs brighten color and the sun is not as bright and in the summer. The choose of color in the painting allow us to feel not only the effect of the weather but also the mood of people who have to carry they everyday activities with

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