Henry Farrer Winter Scene In Moonlight Analysis

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John Farrer Winter Scene in Moonlight
Visual Research Project
Monica Whitney

CREA 232 Art from the Fifteenth Century
Professor Stavros
March 22, 2015

Winter Scene in Moonlight is Henry Farrer’s first known watercolor painting.

This painting was painted in 1869 and can be found at The Metropolitan Museum of

Art. Henry Farrer used techniques from the Pre-Raphaelite Association to paint this

drawing. This watercolor painting is of a landscape of a site in Brooklyn, New York,

where Farrer lived most of his life. The small stream running from the foreground

of the artwork and the colors Farrer uses in this painting reveals the feeling of

stillness. The shadows and various
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3. Wiles, Stephanie. “A Survey of Watercolor by Henry Farrer” Master Drawings Association. Vol. 40. No 4. Nineteenth-Century British and American Drawings. 317-331

Henry Farrer is recognized as a painter and printmaker who played
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Farrer contributed to The American Water Color Society exhibits for thirty-seven

years. Farrer's watercolor paintings have been used as an instrument measuring

the positives and negatives of the American watercolor movement. His brother

Thomas Farrer, and the Pre-Raphaelites Association influenced Henry Farrer’s

earlier work. The intensity of Henry’s landscape paintings were shown in his

earlier watercolor landscapes, such as Winter Scene in Moonlight. This

landscape showing details carefully handled and the size of this picture being 12

by 15 inches. Farrer shows a sense of calm and stillness in Winter Scene in


4. Wiles, Stephanie. Between England and America: The art of Thomas Charles Farrer and Henry Farrer, 2001. 67.

Henry Farrer had followed his brother, Thomas to New York City in 1862.

Henry was not a strict follower of the Pre-Raphaelites Association like Thomas

was, although Thomas and the Pre-Raphaelites influenced Henry. Henry is best

known for his watercolors and etching in America. Henry was a member of the

Association for the Advancement of Truth in Art. This Association’s sought

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