Mid Winter Light Short Story

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The Mid-Winter 's Light
Winter is upon the earth. The water which was once flowing has stopped. White clouds scatter the earth leaving an everlasting trail of icy residue that will pile up until the seasons begin to change. Cars that once drove easily on the grooved pavement now slip and move when jack frost wants them too. Ice paints the sides of buildings as the wind whips it in every direction. Slowly lights begin to shine through the thickness of the falling flurry. The darkness of the vehicle appears shambling down the roughly plowed driveway leading to a small two level cottage splattered with colorful lights and icy silt.
Three figures slowly open their doors and step onto the frosty gravel. The first is a man no older than forty. White stubble splatters his face and his black hair moves in the frosty winds, his height resembles a small spruce tree that is newly planted, tall but lanky. As the wind blows snow into his chiseled face his blue eyes shine in contrast.
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It 's only because the cops have never asked for the blueprints when they came. I moved with my hands against the wall waiting to find the lip where my life 's work was. My fingers slid until I heard a sharp crack and the eerie screech of the door sliding open. The smell of bleach floated around the rotted flesh lying on the floor and the sting of acid touched my nose. Slowly the spindle turned leaving the house in a forced sleep.
Body after body was brought to the room, tied and knocked out they lay. Shining tools lay on their backs. One slice after another, removing vertebrae after vertebrae to assure their compliance. Strung up like pigs in a meat locker they hang from hooks, bodies in a lifeless sleep with the crimson blood running down their legs. Slowly the time past, just waiting to see their stunned faces as they awoke. My mind fluttered with thoughts.
“You 're too stupid to kill them, you 're going to get

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