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  • The Theme Of Emotions In Tim Burton's Films

    Feeling as though you don’t belong in an a certain place or that everyone is staring at you as though you have done something wrong, but really you’re just being yourself. This is something Tim Burton knows all too well on how to portray in his films. Burton has a way of giving off a pitiful, scared, or uneasy feeling toward a character that will later on be the “good guy.” Burton has always had a love for childlike stories and films, and now in almost all of his movies a child, teen, or someone…

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  • Climate Change In Salad Fingers, By David Firth

    Renowned for his ongoing series “Salad Fingers”, David Firth delivers yet another mind-twisting short film, “Cream.” The majority of the film is written, acted, and animated by the talent of Firth himself. However, for this project he is joined by musician Steven Ellison, whose artist name is Flying Lotus. Ellison contributed parts of the soundtrack and a few lines of background characters. This partnership yielded a nightmarish yet mesmerizing product that is sure to send viewers on a…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Film Analysis

    A Divergent in the Midst No one person’s personality is identical to another’s personality. To many people, embracing their indifferences may seem difficult. Through the art of film-making, Tim Burton makes his creative yet unique stories into movies. Burton’s charisma is portrayed through his movies, such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland. The main characters in the movies have the appearance and aspects of an outcast; therefore, they stand out in their society. Tim Burton uses…

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  • Creative Writing: The Name Of The Lake Trail

    It is the next morning. Aldrich and Danny woke up early to start their next adventure at sunrise. Both got a big breakfast with scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes and a glass of milk to get energy for a long day. “Ready to go?”, asks Aldrich his friend. Danny answers, “Yea, it looks like an auspicious day.” They go outside. Aldrich: “Wow, I think we got five more inches snow over night. I hope we gonna find the right trail.” After one hour walking through the snow there is a fork in the road.…

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  • Tim Burton: Edward Scissorhand's The Corpse Bride

    The Art of Tim Burton Creepy, eerie, dark, and weird are all words that describe Tim Burton. Tim is known for hits like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and my personal favorite “The Corpse Bride” all very successful movies that are favorites to many people. In my opinion, Tim burton is an amazing and talented artist who puts amazing and insightful twists on stories that the average Joe wouldn't see or understand until looking into one of his films. His inspirational and…

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  • Operation Redwing Essay

    Luttrell, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, Petty Officer Danny Dietz, and Petty Officer Matt Axelson were part of a four man elite SEAL team searching for Taliban leader Ahmad Shah on June 28, 2005 (Klein 1). Marcus and his twin brother Morgan…

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  • Red Wings Case Study

    in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan, code named Red Wings, to either capture or kill a high ranking Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah, who was thought to have close ties with Bin Laden. The four SEALs consisted of three petty officers, Matthew Axelson, Danny Dietz and Marcus Luttrell, and led by Lieutenant Michael Murphy. They were from SEAL team 10, stationed out of Bagram Airbase. They had been on multiple missions already and knew the terrain was rough and the taliban fighters were fierce and had…

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  • Operation Red Wings Research Paper

    Red Wing or OP Redwing, was planned and rehearsed as a small reconnaissance mission consisting of four Navy Special Warfare Operators (SEALS) in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in late June, 2005. Lt. Michael Murphy, Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2nd Class Matthew Axelson, and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Marcus Luttrell were the four team members assigned to this mission, with Murph being the ranking officer, and Luttrell assigned as team lead. What transpired in less…

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  • Essay On Lone Survivor

    One major unveiling plot event was the death of Danny, Michael (Mickey) and Matthew (Axe) because this left Marcus alone and outnumbered against the Taliban. This event really uncovered the theme of courage because it was showing that Marcus wasn’t going to back down after his team died. This scene also…

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  • Rules Of Engagement: The Ethical Dilemma Of Lone Survivor

    apparent that releasing the individuals will more than likely lead to the Taliban forces in the area below enveloping their position. To further complicate the issue, the team could not establish secure communications with their commander. Axelson and Danny Dietz use these complications as justification for terminating the detainees. Marcus Luttrell argues that “CNN doesn’t care about Rules of Engagement. SEALs kill kids. That’s the story. Forever.” (Berg & Berg, 2013) This comment is what seems…

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