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  • Difference Between Debit Card And Credit Card

    preference between a debit card and a credit card? Some people may like the debit card better, and some people may prefer the credit card; I prefer the debit card. It is not because one is better than another; instead, it is because these two types of cards have their own specific characteristics, and the debit card’s characteristics fit me better. Thus, comparing these two cards’ features, people will choose one over another and find their best fit according to the two cards’ differences,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Cutting Credit Cards

    TIP 25 Cut the Cards! “If you don’t want to buy it with your own money, you don’t need it.” ~Unknown By now you’ve figured out that one of the major themes woven throughout this book is getting out of debt—I write about it quite a bit even in the sections not dealing directly with money. Debt is one of the biggest problems facing modern families—a true American crisis—and yet so many people don’t seem to feel any urgency to do anything about it. Dare to be different and do something others…

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  • My Personal Experience Of My First Credit Card

    The day I received my first credit card was a glorious day. Everything that I’ve wanted to buy in the past six months became a possibility, nothing could stop my 18-year-old self from jumping off that couch and sprinting down the street to the nearest boutique to buy a pair of shoes. Other than having to pay it back in smaller portions, I was persuaded that there were no costs, up until 60 days later when I received my first credit card invoice, that all changed. I had recently gone to a bank…

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  • Credit Card Industry Analysis

    Have you ever wondered how a credit card transaction works? What is the process flow after swiping the small credit card through that little black box? These questions bothered me for some time and finding the answers lead to a diligent job search. Consequently, the search ended when I found employment at Vantiv, a Merchant Credit Card processing company in Houston, Texas. The year was 1998; the company offered me a customer service position in their call center. Eagerly I accepted the job;…

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  • Informative Essay On Credit Cards

    how they can maximize their total earnings, and credit card companies are no different. While students may be one of the better targets for this because the majority don’t have credit cards and are low on funds; they also are some of the ones in most danger of overspending with not being knowledgeable. Even though this is the case, I think if the credit card companies are doing this in a more transparent and informative way than normal credit card signups, it is not a wrong thing to do,…

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  • Credit Card Argumentative Essay

    wallet can’t afford. But we buy it. We use credit cards everyday; either to pay at the grocery store for food, online merchandise from other countries, or to pay the tuition for the school. However, not too long ago the credit cards were used only to pay for specific merchandises. According to Nancy Shepherdson “Credit Card America” first credit cards where used only for “meals at any of twenty-seven restaurants around (New York).” Initially, credit cards where used only in New York and only by…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Credit Cards

    you have invested in your career to pay off credit card debt from college. One day some or most of you will be heading off to college and will hopefully want to make wise decisions about credit card usage, maybe the best decision is to stay away completely! Although many students believe that they will be able to handle the responsibility, credit cards will create a path to what can kind of become a slippery slope. Other dangers include creating a bad credit profile for yourself and ending up…

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  • Difference Between Debit And Credit Card

    method is swiping a plastic card; it may be either a debit or credit card. Despite the fact that both cards may look alike, they share some key similarities and differences as well. Having knowledge on these different types of cards can help someone decide on which may be a better option when it comes to completing transactions. The information provided will vary with different types of credit and debit cards, these are the most common. For starters, both debit and credit cards are a more…

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  • How Do Credit Cards Affect The Economy

    Credit cards have been used in the United States since the early 1920’s, today they are used worldwide and are part of our everyday life. Credit cards allow people to carry around large amounts of money without actually having the bills on them, these cards allow us to quickly access our money and buy things we want and need. . The effect of credit cards on the economy is very complex, it has a positive and negative outcome. The financial stability of the economy depends on us as consumers,…

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  • HDFC Regalia Credit Card Case Study

    HDFC Regalia First Credit Card HDFC Regalia Credit Card is a card offered by HDFC bank. The card comes with special privileges and benefits. The card also offers the feature of reward points on all card transactions. These points when accumulated can be used to purchase gifts and other items. Why HDFC There are plenty of banks in the market that offer credit card facilities. What makes HDFC unique is the fact that it is the second largest private bank in the country. It has a network of…

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