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  • Analysis Of Mozart's Turkish March

    Mozart’s “Turkish March” and its later adaptations This essay explores various functions of W.A. Mozart’s Piano Sonata No.11, third movement: Rondo Alla Turca. It is widely known as the “Turkish March” because it mimics the sound of Turkish Janissary bands. This song has remained its high popularity in the world by various adaptations. In the following discussion, I will explore its primary function as an education tool, and respective secondary functions in contemporary societies as a…

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  • Classical Music: A Comparison Of Classical And Modern Music

    From the 12th century to the 21st century music has been a way of living. People around the world listen to music every day, even though music has changed drastically over the years. But why did this happen? Music has been changed in many ways and this tells the difference of classical and modern music. For example music has changed by the: adding of effects, change of message and change of purpose. Classical and modern music are both a huge part of music as a whole. Both of these genres…

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  • Analysis Of The Kiss By Gustav Klimt

    Gustav Klimt’s ornate, sensual, and decadent style made him not only the most prominent of the Vienna Secessionists but one of the most beloved artists of all time. In his own time, Kilmt was well known for creating paintings, murals, and sketches. One painting that he was most notable for is called the The Kiss. In this painting, his aesthetic sensibilities are not compared with any other artists because he created art that portrayed themes that include love and feminine beauty of the body. He…

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Contribution To The World Of Classical Music

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a famous Austrian composer who earned world fame and became one of the most influential music writers all over the world. He had an extraordinary talent and left a large footprint in the history of classical music. Mozart is famous for writing his first acknowledged works when he still was a child. At the age of eight he wrote his first symphony and when he was 12 years old he already created his first opera. Mozart has got musical training in piano and violin from his…

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  • Gothic Elements In Jonathan Harker's Dracula Written By Bram Stoker

    is nearly killed by three vampires living in the Castle. Dracula goes to London to win over Mina and as time goes on he continues to seduce her. However, he is met with many challenges like Jonathan, who at this point has escaped, and Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, who knows Dracula is a vampire and knows exactly how to defeat him. With the help of the group formed with…

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  • The Success Of Vincent Van Gogh

    Born on March 30, 1853, in Zundert, Netherlands, Vincent Van Gogh became one of the world 's greatest Post-Impressionist artists of his time. The son of Theodorus Van Gogh and Anna Carbentus, Vincent grew up in a village in Holland. He also had three sisters and two brothers; Theo, Cor, Anna, Wil, and Lies. Subsequently, they were all raised and brought up in a religious and cultural atmosphere. Vincent Van Gogh struggled during the course of his life, trying to find a niche in which he…

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  • Personal Narrative: Stepping Into My House

    making. By looking at the paining someone can practically hear the smashes and crashes of all the objects falling. Some replicas of famous artworks I’ve acquired are The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Scream by Edvard Munch, The Son of Man by Rene Magritte, and Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh. All these art pieces are framed with thin, but very elegant and nicely decorated corners. The art pieces are all very vibrant with colors. Some of these art pieces give off a rough looking…

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  • Rip Van Winkle Analysis

    a setting. In fact, one of the most important aspects of romanticism is the setting. Since romantic authors have a dislike towards civilization, they must present and utilize the setting in an effective way. This is evident in the short story “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving. The historical setting may also impact how and why an author presents information such as in “A Model of Christian Charity” written by John Winthrop. Washington…

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  • Summary Of The Illness Of Vincent Van Gogh

    more famous and we come to know him as the artistic legend he is portrayed as today. But while Van Gogh did showcase incredible talent and skill, his life was not without hardship. Van Gogh struggled with his love life, self mutilation, and debilitating mental anguish. Wilfred Arnold explains his troubled life in his article, The Illness of Vincent Van Gogh. Arnold has done extensive research on Van Gogh’s life, attempting to diagnose and understand his illness based on his journals,…

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  • Liberace Case Study Essay

    Case Study: Liberace Liberace was a world-renowned pianist. Even in the early 20’s, when Liberace (full name Wladziu Valentino Liberace) was a child, he showed great aptitude for the piano, beginning his formal musical schooling at the Wisconsin College of Music when he was merely seven years old. His skill at the piano earned him several positions in orchestras when he was only a teenager. He became no less successful as he grew up— in fact, the Guinness Book of World Records lists Liberace as…

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