Race to the Sea

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Patriotism Analysis

    What is Patriotism? Patriotism is the love of one's country over all things. None of the young soldiers in All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Remarque, are painted as patriots. Instead they are instruments of elected or appointed politicians who use their own stilted sense of patriotism to encourage young men to then give their lives to defend the country. In this setting, acts of patriotic heroism are thus made pathetic because they are made for no positive outcome. Remarque’s use of superficiality throughout the novel portrays the confrontation Paul Balmer faces when his patriotism is tested by the cold realities of war. Paul is faced with the realities of war after a long day on the front line, the life of soldiers in the Great War is a constant avoidance of death. He notes, “Kemmerich is dead, Haie Westhus is dying… Meyer is dead, Max is dead… there are a hundred and twenty wounded men lying somewhere or other” (Remarque 62-63). The dead soldiers symbolize the heartbreak and tribulation the soldiers go through everyday and show how the political officials do not publicize that side of war. Baumer and the others do not forget “the rot they put in the war- news” of the “good humor of the troops… dancing almost before they are out of the front-line” instead they face the realities of war “we are in good humor because otherwise we should go to pieces” (Remarque 63). Paul’s constant battle between life and death depicts how patriotism is portrayed and tested against the…

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  • Racism In Wide Sargasso Sea By Jean Rhys

    Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys discusses White-Black relations during a crucial changing point in the West Indies. According to Maria Olaussen, the Wide Sargasso Sea showed that racism was still alive during the setting 's time, although the Emancipation Act, otherwise known as the Abolition of Slavery Act, had already been put in place (65). In my own opinion, I believe that Rhys showed racism with her characters throughout her work of the Wide Sargasso Sea. In Wide Sargasso Sea racism between…

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  • Documentary Analysis: The Real Eve

    referred to in the video--SIX locations total. There are two possible routes that the earliest humans took out of Africa. One was North of the Red Sea across the Sues and into the Middle East but this route would have been less successful due to the fact that they would have had to cross the Sahara Desert where it was drier than it is today. The other route was more probable and more successful and it was started on…

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  • The Scorpio Races: An Analysis

    Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races tells the story of countless trainers who race to convert majestic beasts of the ocean into mindless machines for entertainment and profit. To be more specific, the races are composed of catching and selling the horse-like beasts as soon as they mysteriously emerge from the sea. They’re then trained using tactics that cause them panic and pain, in attempt to break them of their own free will. These creatures are strong and fierce; far too powerful for a mere…

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  • Triathlon Life Speech

    how did you start swimming and why did you choose it? Actually I started to swim quite late in my childhood, I was about 12 years old at that time. But three years ago I realized that I would like to participate in a triathlon competition, but what prevented me to finish the race was swimming. Afterwards I started to train and would say that I`m in a very good condition now. What inspired you to swim when you were 12 y/o? In the beginning I…

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  • Water In Gilgamesh Analysis

    In the epic of Gilgamesh, water is shown to be an importance through out the story as it is mentioned in tablet XI. In tablet XI, Gilgamesh talks to Utanapishtim on how he was granted immortality by the gods. Utanapishtim tells him about his recap of his life before he became immortal by building a boat that would survive the flood. After Utanapishtim tells Gilgamesh of his life, Gilgamesh continues to go on his journey to become immortal. In the story of Gilgamesh water plays a crucial role in…

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  • Neptune's Three Goddesses

    created the three Furies (the three goddesses of revenge), and his flesh fell into the sea and created a foam, therefore Venus was born. Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, water, earthquakes and horses. He was from a line of sea gods and his parents were Saturnus and Ops, who were born from the titans. He was one of the twelve olympian gods. Neptune is often shown with long black hair, wearing sea green clothes sitting in a shell chariot pulled by whales, horses, or sea horses. He is always…

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  • Cub Scouts Autobiography

    in my division to Joey Harmon who I am still stupendous friends with today. I made ice cream, sold popcorn, and competed in several different tournaments when I lived in Illinois but the real fun came when I moved to Washington state. Washington is very close to the ocean, which is where most of the awesome stuff we did in cub scouts went down. We went crabbing my first year in Washington and I loved it. There is a sea lion there who always waits for people to throw back the crabs they don't…

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  • The Race To Save The Elephant Analysis

    not show the full price? “Saving The Worlds”, and “The Race to Save the Elephants” by Mary Kate Frank believes that because of our negligence and cupidity, animals and environments are the ones actually paying for your decisions. People are incessantly ruining their lives by obliterating their habitats, overfishing, poaching, producing pollution, and other nefarious methods Majestic wildlife such as elephants is dying because of human’s virulent weapon; greed. This cruelty was demonstrated in…

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  • Poem Analysis Of Poems: Weep And Gboom

    Your other halves could have been there; the womb that bore and tended you for nine moons— let alone bearers of the dimming light unto a pristine horizon beyond the radars of this careless race…. Weep not for flesh and blood alone; weep for the hills and mountains; weep for the seas and forests; weep for the Sun, comets and the stars. Weep not for the heavens alone, but our common humanity. Weep not for humanity alone, but for our age-long heritage. Oh, let the race of ‘New Clear Weep Horns’…

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