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  • Write An Essay On Boudicca's

    In Londinium, Boudicca battled, killing everyone that was around her. All the torches the Iceni held were flaming red, orange, and yellow. Her red hair was whipping in the wind as she fought to make things right for her people. She faced a certain harsh death, but her spirit of courage still lives on with us today. Boudicca was born around 25 A.D. in Celtic, Britain. Her mother and father are unknown, but she did have a brother named Ban. Her education is unknown to us today. She did not have any famous works or hold any honors or medals. Boudicca’s husband is Prasutagus. He was the king of the Iceni tribe. Boudicca had two daughters named Tasca and Comorra. They were raped by Romans, and Boudicca was not very happy about that. What…

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  • Boudica's Stand Against The Roman Empire

    multiple battles. Boudica believed that her land should remain her land. Born in AD 30, Boudica was the queen of the Iceni tribe (“Boudicca”). She married King Prasutagus, who died in A.D. 59 or 60, leaving half his property to the Roman emperor and half to his daughters. The Romans, led by Julius Caesar, seized their entire land. This provoked the Iceni to revolt…

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  • Boudicca's Revolt Against The Roman Empire

    Queen of the British Celtic tribe the Iceni, Boudicca led a revolt against the Roman Empire. After the death of her husband and betrayal of his final will and testament which left his kingdom to both his daughters and the Roman Emperor Nero to hopefully stop attacks on their tribe and form an alliance. The kingdom was invaded and once Boudicca objected to this both Boudicca and her children were beaten and raped. As well as this the other chiefs of the tribe were robbed of their family estates.…

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  • Agustus Compare Contrast Essay

    the Boudican Revolt broke out in AD 60/61. The procurator was in charge of collecting tribute and fines from the province and since Italia herself was exempt from taxation, the provinces needed to supply the tribute. However, it is clear that the revolt was due to more than this, namely their dealings with P. Ostorius Scapula fourteen years previously. Dio Cassius posits that the revolt was due to Seneca recalling a loan in excess of 40, 000, 000 sesterces from the Iceni. This event lies…

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  • John Steinbeck Character Analysis

    example of how a subsequential character belongs with the protagonist is how Cottia, Marcus’s wife to be, spent all night talking in her endemic language just so that she wouldn’t forget her roots. Likewise, when she first met Marcus in his uncle’s garden, she didn’t hesitate to inform him of her secret identity.This may be a result of her feeling instantly close to Marcus. Cottia hates “living in a town full of straight lines and being shut up inside brick walls…. When they try to make me…

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  • Symbolism In The Celtic World

    The paint used would be woad which is a blue dye made from plants similar to the henna tattoos we are familiar with today. It is fascinating that these symbolic designs are still used today in our body art; Celtic tattoos proving to be eternally popular. In the Celtic world, symbolism was everything and it can be assumed to have been used to identify different tribes. Britain alone was made up of numerous tribes from the Catuvellauni tribe in southern England, the Iceni in the East to the…

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  • Boudicea's Reasons For Going To War

    justifications Boudicea’s reasons for going to war. “According to Dio, the reasons for the rebellion were threefold: the procurator Decianus Catus’ confiscation of money that the emperor Claudius previously bestowed on prominent Britons; Seneca islanders: and the entreaties of Boudica herself, which Dio considers the fundamental cause of the revolt” . Adler interprets the writing of these two ancient historians in this way, “To a certain extent, it is unreasonable to assume that Tacitus or…

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  • Trinovantes Economic Structure

    picture of the economic structure of any one Celtic society can we gain from the ancient sources? In terms of economy, the Trinovantes (had a wide range of different industries as well as benefitting from close trading links with Rome. Archaeological artefacts discovered within the Trinovantes tribal territory can be used as reliable sources to help establish a picture of the economic structure of this Celtic society. Ptolemy states in his Geography (2.3) that ‘… further to the east by the…

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