Native American tribes in Nebraska

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  • Essay On Omaha Tribe

    including Nebraska and Iowa in which the Omaha Indians settled. According to the “Omaha Tribe Against the Current” article online, the tribe had a “total land area [of] 307.474 sq. miles and a population of 5,194”. This was all based on census that was given in the year 2000. The Omaha speak a language that is similar to the Ponca Indians. They speak the Siouian language, which was also spoken by different tribes. Unfortunately, a majority of the Indians today do not speak that language.…

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  • Indian Slavery Thesis

    that is when most Indian tribes started taking captives. Like the Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, and Wichita tribes. Captives was mostly fraught and lots of hardships, The captives survival mostly depended on the captor and that could vary from tribe to tribe. Different tribes varied on different ways to treat their captives most tribes treated captives with unexpected respect. Tribes would adopt captives into their family and raise them as one of their own. They would adopt captives because…

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  • Winnebago Tribe Research Paper

    Native American 's are people of history because, they were people in tribes, or groups. Many Native American 's had reservations. The Native American tribe we will be talking about is the Winnebago Reservation. I will talk about the history, government, population, employment, tribal colleges, and attractions at this reservation. Furthermore, the first treaty for the Winnebago tribe was in 1816, but was signed in the 1820 's ("Nebraska: Winnebago Reservation - American Indian Relief…

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  • Pawnee Tribe Research Paper

    found in Nebraska and Kansas. We are going to be talking about the Pawnee location , tradition, and facts of life. The Pawnee People were mostly located in Nebraska And Kansas, they lived in houses called Earthern houses. These are hut type houses they made out of large logs and covered but dried grass or other type of bushes. The Pawnee people were moved from there reservation in Oklahoma to Nebraska and Kansas were they live today. In the 18th century, more than 60,000 members of the…

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  • Native American Pow-Wow: Traditional Dance

    Native American Pow-wow Pow-wow is the traditional dance in which the Native American people dress traditional, colorful clothes. They dance and sing in a circle around the drum for celebrating fellowship, renewal and healing. Today we can hear the beat of the drum resound in Oklahoma. Pow-wow is from Indian Territory, Native Americans, and tribal groups. Pow-wow is Indian gathering of many tribes and intertribal blend of the old and the new. In the Pow-wow a non-Indian might see the power and…

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  • Omaha Tribe Research Paper

    The Omaha Tribe is a Native American tribe who live on the Omaha Reservation in the northeastern part of Nebraska and the western part of Iowa. The Omaha Reservation is in southern Thurston County and northeastern Cuming County, Nebraska. Everybody in a family had a role to play. The men or fathers, were hunters and went to war. Women or moms, were farmers and helped build and deliver teepees to others. Men became Omaha chiefs and women could not, but men and women participated in storytelling,…

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  • Oklahoma Powjo Research Paper

    Into the Circle provides insight into the origins of Oklahoma pow-wows, or Native American gatherings. According to Abe Conklin of the Ponca and Osage tribes, the pow-wows of Oklahoma began in 1877 after the United States army forced the Ponca people from the northern plains of Nebraska into Indian territory in Oklahoma. The conditions associated with this great move were brutal and a number of the Ponca people perished. Despite these tragic events, the spirit of the Ponca people remained…

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  • Pawnee: Native American Tribe

    Did you know that Pawnee are known. for their beautiful hide paintings, pottery and woven baskets. And Pawnee was known for other stuff like there location. facts and traditions. They are a native American tribe. This is about Pawnees location. They had to hunt mostly Buffalo because that was the common food source for there area. The Pawnee could be found along the Platte river and the Republican river which is known as Nebraska. The Pawnee were forced to move to Oklahoma in 1800 and…

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  • Sioux: Great Plains Native American Cultural Groups

    Shatonyia Davis Where did the Sioux live? “The Sioux are individuals of the Great Plains Native American cultural group.” The geography of the area in which they reside influenced the lifestyle and values of the Sioux tribe. There are three main disunions of Sioux: Eastern Dakota, Western Dakota, and the Lakota. Many Sioux tribes were nomadic individuals who moved from place to place chasing after bison (buffalo) herds. Much of their lifestyle was built around hunting bison. The Sioux lived in…

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  • Sioux Tribe Research Paper

    The Sioux are a tribe of Native Americans that used to live in the states Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, but thanks to the government now they live mostly in South Dakota. They are divided into three groups based on language. There are the groups that speak Nakota which are the Yankton and the Yanktonai. They live mostly in the states North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. The groups that speak Lakota are the Sans Arc, the Teton, the Oglala, the Two…

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