Geometric Art

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  • Geometric Art Essay

    origin of the Greek Geometric art. One theory unravels it as an expansion of the Mycenaean art, another theory agrees that it had a popular background origin. While others argue that Geometric art was settled due to Doric effects, it still has not given a suitable solution to the setback. Geometric style of ancient Greek art was primarily of vase painting. It began around 900 BC and denotes the last purely Mycenaean-Greek art form that initiated before the arrival of foreign inspiration around 800 BC. Athens was the center and the growing wealthy population of new-Greek cities was its market. The Geometric ceramic ware were found in different native distinctions, in many parts of eastern Greece from Thessaly to Laconia, in Cyclades, Crete, Rhodes but the main development center was in Attica. The Geometric decoration of the vases is almost…

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  • Geometric Krater

    This two-handled jar displayed in the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston is a very typical Geometric Greek amphora. According to the information of the artwork on the Museum website, this ceramic vessel painted by the Birdseed Painter was made around ca. 735-720 BCE, which is in the late Geometric period, and it was found in Athens, Greece. While there is no particular subject to it, this vessel is covered by geometric patterns in most of the area, and there are two bands of repetitive animal…

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  • Geometric Patterns In Islamic Art

    Islamic Geometric and Vegetal Patterns In Islam, art and beauty have important role since early times. So the Islamic artists and architects used different Islamic aspects in their art, such as building, mosques, books, coins, and their daily equipment etc. The main way they used to present the art or the most famous art of them was ornaments. Within the wide Islamic geographic spread and the valuable history, Islamic art was a subject that got influenced by different cultures different…

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  • Abab Case Studies

    Procedure An ABAB withdrawal design with one participant was utilized to evaluate to evaluate the effects of the token economy. Parents were interviewed in the home to gain information pertaining to Nic’s behavior in home and at school as well as to identify target behaviors and secondary reinforcers. A list of potential reinforcers and target behaviors was identified along with the token value for each identified reinforcer. All identified behaviors would earn one token. During this visit…

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  • TOPSIS Model

    Simultaneous Optimization of Arithmetic Average Roughness (Ra), Geometric Average Roughness (Rq) and Ten Point Height Average Roughness (Rz) Using TOPSIS The present work is to explore the effect of EDM process parameters on the surface roughness characteristics Ra, Rq and Rz. For the experimentation, twenty seven alternatives of EDM process parameters, Pulse on time (TON), Pulse off time (TOFF), Wire Tension (WT) and Wire Feed (WF) were considered as per the Taguchi’s standard L27 Orthogonal…

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  • Beautiful Body In Ancient Greek Art

    ones perception of beauty to change. With the advancement of technology and increase interest in social media may have accelerated the pace of change, but is does not change the substance of the question: what is a beautiful body? The primary focus of Ancient Greek art was that of the human body. Almost all of these sculptures are of nude men. A very common subject was the idealized male body. To Greeks one of the most favorable subject was that of the athlete, as it represented the ideal form.…

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  • Watercolor Colors Analysis

    Watercolor Shapes in Fourth Grade Cubism and almost anything abstracted from reality is my favorite thing in art and in my opinion shows creativity. When I was back in elementary school I always dreaded art assignments or activities that required precision and rigid step by step directions. Blame it on my caregiver 's permissive parenting style but, I liked to do things independently. Following teacher’s direction in art, frustrated me when the final product didn 't look exactly like the…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians

    mainly appear organic, like the line in the face of the middle musician because he is not proportionate and the instrument the left musician is playing. Shape can be seen both organic and geometric in this image to unite the musicians together. The organic shape make it seem unique, while the few geometric lines makes the image appear organized. Color can be seen in this image to give each musician their form. The first musician is has three colors black, white, and blue. This color make the…

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  • Pablo Picasso Influence

    impacted the development of modern and contemporary art. His work includes over 20,000 paintings, prints, drawings and much more. Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, In Málaga, on the southern Spanish coast. Picasso’s father, José Ruiz Blasco, supported the family by teaching drawing at the local art school. At the age of seven, Picasso received formal artistic training from his father in figure drawing and oil painting. His father was a traditional, academic artist and instructor.…

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  • Digital Interactive Art Analysis

    The internet is full of a wide variety of digital interactive art and the artwork that stood out the most was Andy Deck, Glyphti (2001-2006). Glyphiti is an image composed of many smaller glyphs that an artist from any part of the world can manipulate. The base of the website seems to be fairly easy and the instructions was self-explanatory. However, there are some co-determined factors that the creator has limited for the artist. These limitations are what make glyphti so original and is able…

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