Geometric Patterns In Islamic Art

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Islamic Geometric and Vegetal Patterns

In Islam, art and beauty have important role since early times. So the Islamic artists and architects used different Islamic aspects in their art, such as building, mosques, books, coins, and their daily equipment etc. The main way they used to present the art or the most famous art of them was ornaments. Within the wide Islamic geographic spread and the valuable history, Islamic art was a subject that got influenced by different cultures different nations but not that much, during the changes that happen in Islamic world Islamic orientation is kept its uniqueness. And we can divide the Islamic decoration into four main aspects; and they are calligraphy, geometric patterns, vegetal patterns (arabesque),
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Geometric patterns are used isolated or combined with non-figural ornament or figural ornament. The geometric patterns are not only used to decorate the monumental architecture in Islamic art but also used as the main decorative element to the vast array of all types of all objects.

Geometric ornaments reached its top point in Islamic world, but the sources of their complicated shapes are were existed in ancient times among Romans, Greeks, and the Sasanians in Iran. The Islamic artists they used the key elements in classical traditions to the patterns and then they combined them and put the details in a way that shows the unity and the system importance into the patterns, these notable changes where applied from the Islamic mathematics and scientist and astronomy Scientifics to create this essential changes through the patterns. (so the pattern became in a way that represent mathematics and science and astronomy through
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These convention patterns are exemplifying denial the strict rules of geometry shapes.

As a substance of fact the Islamic geometric patterns, are have a lot of freedom, where? In the complexity and repetition of them, because they have unlimited growth and can be combined with other patterns of ornaments as well.

Repetitive motifs, and symmetry, geometric patterns are their abstractness. Which have in common with other ornaments that called arabesque style that seen in vegetal designs, as well as the conjunction is seen with

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