Geometric Art Essay

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Many theories have been borne about the origin of the Greek Geometric art. One theory unravels it as an expansion of the Mycenaean art, another theory agrees that it had a popular background origin. While others argue that Geometric art was settled due to Doric effects, it still has not given a suitable solution to the setback. Geometric style of ancient Greek art was primarily of vase painting. It began around 900 BC and denotes the last purely Mycenaean-Greek art form that initiated before the arrival of foreign inspiration around 800 BC. Athens was the center and the growing wealthy population of new-Greek cities was its market. The Geometric ceramic ware were found in different native distinctions, in many parts of eastern Greece from Thessaly to Laconia, in Cyclades, Crete, Rhodes but the main development center was in Attica. The Geometric decoration of the vases is almost …show more content…
feature an obsession with Geometric form. Human and animal figures were signified as a combination of simplified shapes such as; a triangular face on top of a triangular body and egg-shaped legs. The Geometric Period exhibits several qualities that would come to characterize Greek sculpture, including fabrication with bronze as well as marble, depictions of myth, an emphasis on clarity and order, and a preoccupation with the human form.
Evolving from the Dark Age and the last ruins of the Geometric Period, the Greek artists began working in a quantity of new approaches. This is known as the Archaic period of Greek art and it lasted from 700 BC to 480 BC. For the first time in almost 800 years, artists began working to reconstruct more lifelike human forms. Some of this shows an Egyptian influence, certainly in regard to the placement of the feet, but much of it seems to be original to the Greeks. One point of originality in particular is the smile seen on the Archaic statues, almost always staring back to the

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