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  • Argumentative Essay On Censorship In Schools

    "With censorship, things can get terribly wrong in the public mind"-William Westmoreland, a quote supporting censorship. Midtown International School should have a book advisory council to censor what students should read, students also should not be exposed to a negative reading environment, parents also would not have to worry about their child knowing something that is not appropriate for their age, reading things students will adapt to an abnormal lifestyle. If every school had an book…

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  • Dress Codes In Schools Essay

    School dress codes are usually blamed for being sexist towards girls. There are many reasons for why this may seem true such as how the dress codes usually revolve around girls. This is also true because girls have a lot more clothing choices, then boys so there is more rules towards them. Many people also claim that dress codes are here only to keep the older generation happy. An argument for why dress codes are there is to help prepare teenagers for jobs, and the rules also apply to boys there…

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  • Eye Scanners Argumentative Essay

    I think it would be the best choice for eye scanners at airports. That way people would not try to take over an airport. I would pay $79.95 dollars to go through this scanner just to be on the safe side of things. I think if they hired me to be a security guard I could take out the bad people. I would take the job. It would be a good ideal to have an eye scanner at schools so kids not get kidnapped by some freak. They should put DNA test in schools and airports also because that would keep…

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  • How To Write A Dress Code Essay

    February 22, 2016 Dress-code Essay In my opinion I disagree with some of the regulations regarding our dress code. Teachers tell you to express yourself,but how is that possible if I cant dress the way I please. Although some of the restrictions are reasonable, some of them are foolish. 
 For example, in the dress code it states "Sheer garments or short shirts which expose the midriff are unacceptable."…

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  • Should School Uniforms Be Worn

    summer you don't need to buy any new clothes same uniforms.This also doesn't make families look poor or rich since both families can afford uniforms and both children in each family wears the same outfit to school everyday. This also controls dress code for all families about their child because uniforms are appropriate for schools and they would have to wear the uniforms without no choice. My point is to say that school should wear uniforms because it saves parents money,less chance of having…

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  • Mandatory Uniforms In Public Schools

    Several years ago in the United States of America, uniforms were symbolic for a higher socioeconomic status in the private sector of education. Today many public school systems across America have eliminated a dress code and are implementing uniform policies. One in five elementary schools in the United States now requires uniforms, according to The National Center for Education Statistics (“Should Schools Require Uniforms?” 7). On the contrary there has been numerous debates over whether…

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  • Corporate Sponsorships Should Be Banned In Schools

    Schools across the nation attempt their best to ensure the quality of a student’s education is superior. One way is through the opportunity of participating in sports, fine arts, academic bowls, etc. Although, every student cannot afford the cost or schools cannot fully fund them, corporations are able to give financial assistance to multiple extracurriculars by corporate sponsorships. Consequently, schools feature their advertisement in any manner, whether that would be on a shirt or jersey, on…

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  • School Dress Code Research

    I am writing you this letter today to express my concerns with the school dress code. I am a female, senior at California High School and have been in this community all of my life. Therefore, I have witnessed many dress code regulation concerns. I personally think dress code is a good thing, if and only if it is well executed. However, when administrators and teachers only go after certain people, and not all of them, that is where my problems lie. Not only are fellow female students being…

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  • Rebecca Tane's The Tomorrow Code

    later that year, I loved the idea of sending short messages from the future through collected burst data through so-called quantum foam. Although this isn’t an entirely novel concept , I really savor these kinds of story lines, and as The Tomorrow Code actually has scientific merit, it’s all the more impressive. The actual nature of the impending apocalypse is also a fascinating (if, again, not entirely original) concept – the world dies a quiet death, thanks to some rhino virus-chimera…

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  • Advantages Of A Block Schedule

    Have you ever thought of a better schedule for school? One that doesn't make you have too much homework. There is something called a block schedule. It involves an A Day and a B Day. Having an A Day and a B Day will help the school dramatically.You will have less homework, more time in classes, and less stress. One main reason for a block schedule is for having less homework. Studies show that having a block schedule will let you have 2 days for doing your homework. If you get homework on…

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