Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of School Uniforms

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We all aware of the debate on uniforms; some of us are one hundred and ten percent for them, some of us are extremely against them, and some of us lay in the middle of being unsure which side to settle with. I am here to change that idea and inform you why uniforms should be here to stay. School uniforms in schools are a wonderful idea and should continue to be implemented. Some reasons why we should promote school uniforms include but are not limited to students who wear uniforms tend to do better in school, uniforms cut down on school bullying, and uniforms are also shown to improve discipline in students. School uniforms are shown to improve student grades as well as student attendance and is one of the large reasons why we should promote …show more content…
According to Courtney Shields “Somewhere in the area of 15 to 30 % of students in grades from kindergarten - 12 th grade are bullied.” “3.7 million Children and adults engage in bullying and about 3.2 million victims of this type of harassment.” ( According to Emily Morton “Roughly 160,000 children miss school daily due to fear of attack and or intimidation by other students.” ( One may argue that students need to be able to express their personality and uniforms limit their ability to do this. I believe in my opinion that schools are a place for learning to be conducting. If a child wants to show off their personality then that should be saved for the weekends or on dress down days, but not regular days when learning should be the primary focus. Another may argue that bullying is still going to be a problem if uniforms are present or not which may be true. However if a uniform is implemented and policies are enforced the fashion aspect of bullying may start to come to an end. Students will not be able to pick on one another for not having the most expensive and nicest clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories as other students have. This will then result in more students wanting to come to

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