Should High School Students Wear Uniforms

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It’s the end of summer and you just finished middle school and all you can think about is high school. You have heard so many great things about high school. New peers, better teacher’s, competitive sports, clubs, and even more freedom to what you can wear, and that’s just scratching the surface. Then your parents get an email a week before school starts from the school district stating, all students are obligated to wear uniforms. You’re crushed and all the excitement you had for high school is now gone. This has been occurring more frequently in high schools today, and now the question people are wondering is. Is this the right move? The ones who are for school uniforms really seem to believe so. But, in various studies done by sociologists …show more content…
The first few points supports of uniforms typically say are, that school uniforms improve students focus, attendance, and grades. Focus is defiantly essential while in school. And people believe that clothing is or can be a big distraction. Now for some students this could very well be true. Others think that if students all have similar clothing that attendance will suddenly be improved, and grades, with better focus and attendance will increase. But all of these points were proven to not be true. In multiple studies and tests by sociologists, schools without uniforms had the same or superior grades. Those in schools who had to wear uniforms often did not want to go to school because of the clothing they had to wear. And the only thing that school uniforms improved on but by a very slim margin was focus. Schools that have their students wear uniforms claim that they bring equality and school spirit. This may happen but is practically forced upon the students. When everyone looks the same of course they are going to feel equal but not everyone wants this. One strong topic that comes up when talking about school uniforms is that students won’t get picked on or bullied. This is not correct in any aspect. As it may reduce how people bully their clothes it will never end bullying. In some cases sociologists found that students from schools who did not wear uniforms bullied kids who wore uniforms at other

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