Essay On Conformity In Middle School

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In every school there is always conformity and rebellion even though it might not involve guns or weapons of that sort. There is always a trend to how people act, dress walk and other things in school but where there is a trend there is somebody that tries to change the trend with their own trend. There is not always physical pain to the people that try to set a trend there is always people that will make fun of that person or the trend. Even though not everybody will expect the trend they still try to set the trend.
In middle school the conformity was to wear you shirts like normal but some people started to wear their shirt backwards and it soon caught on and everybody started to do it.There were tons of people that tried to get the trend to stop what they were too late. It took a few weeks for it to catch on but evidently everybody took to it. Another instance is with shoes back in my elementary school it started out as adidas being the most popular shoe but then by the end it was nike. Everybody was wearing adidas shoes but one day one or two people walked in wearing nikes shoes and a few days later two more people were wearing them and soon it was ten people then 20 and so on. Eventually that was
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It is a part of nature it could be from a playground all the way to a hole country.It can happen anywhere apsolutly anywhere with anything such as shoes to the way you walk or talk. There are hundreds of examples of conformity and rebellion and another hundred on top of that in every country, city and state. The whole purpose of this paper is to show about conformity and rebellion and I think that this covers on sliver of the whole thing there are tons more to conformity and rebellion tons. It is not just will trends and the small things it extends to every aspect of life where there is conformity, rebellion is sure to follow even in the most conformed of

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