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  • Conformity In Schools

    How many rules are too many? In today’s society, where fear is rampant, rules have been established to protect us, however these rules also rid us from individual expressions. Schools focus too much in conformity, which prevents us from having our own word in things, because they’re basically controlling what we can and cannot do. Source B shows a high school bell scheduled. It indicates at what exact time they want the students in class. But what if the student has his/her class all the way to…

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  • Dress Codes Should Be Banned From Schools

    Dress codes should be banned from schools because they teach students that the way they dress is more important than their education, students can miss important lessons in class because they have to change or go home, and it's not a student's fault if another student cannot concentrate because of what they're wearing. In most schools, they have unnecessary dress codes and punishments for breaking them. In the article Girls getting fed up with school dress codes that treat them as distractions…

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  • Steam Locomotive History

    Technology and science has definitely evolved throughout the years. We have become a fully connected country where information is at our fingertips. This was unimaginable 200 years ago. It is amazing to see how far humans have come since then. A lot of it is credited to a few key people and inventions from the early 1800s. The first of these inventions is the steam locomotive. This may have been the most defining and important invention during this era. It started to connect the otherwise…

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  • White Tops Grey Bottoms Analysis

    “White Tops, Grey Bottoms”, Akerman described why schools have a strict dress code which students must follow and cannot break. The writer mentioned the dress code should be accepted with not only white and grey for tops and bottoms but also a variety of colors and design (330-332). This reading reminded me of my own experience with a strict dress code. When I was a high school student, my school also had a strict dress code. For example, all students must have measured the size of their bodies…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Dress Coding

    Lately, I have been pondering on the harsh dress code rules. When did my shoulders become something I should be ashamed of showing? When did it become a secret that girls wear undergarments? Admonishing girls for letting their shoulders or bra straps show is the most ridiculous form of dress code. Dress coding this harshly can promote negative feelings about their bodies, when they already feel bad enough. Making “thumb width” tank-tops mandatory in order to maintain the focus of the male…

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  • Hammurabi Code History

    Hammurabi’s code has a significant effect on not only laws going back to ancient times, but also on the modern day laws. Although not word for word, pieces of this code are incorporated into modern society. The American code of laws and judicial system is based on many of the same principles of Hammurabi’s code. The United States Supreme Court building built in 1935 actually shows Hammurabi as one of the historic law givers that are on the wall of the court room. ( One of the…

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  • Ethical Issues In Youth Sports

    When talking about sports and athletics it is important to realize that there are many things that need to be looked at ethically. These things can and will have a major impact on the students and the people involved in these sports. As stated by Whisenant (2010), there are three problems that produce ethical questions, the first is participation, the second is the hiring processes, and the third and final is whether everything is fair or not. These all make clear and perfect sense,…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Codes In Schools

    harmful. In the text it reads, “They say dress codes and uniforms are obstacles to individuality. For these students, freedom of expression is more important than following rules.” First, there is nothing wrong with having dress codes. Dress codes is just representing the fact that you honor the school that you go to. Many schools just have dress codes so that the students can participate in the school. Next, the reason why schools have dress codes is because many students get raped. As I…

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  • Pros And Cons Of School Dress Codes

    At least 58% of schools in the United States enforce a strict dress code. School dress codes and uniforms in private and public schools can be both helpful and harmful to students in relation to their learning and social skills. Implementing school dress codes has shown to increase concentration in the classroom due to the lack of extreme clothing or hair styles, less peer pressure since everyone has to wear the same clothes, and an increase in school safety. According to Don Woodard, a high…

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  • Student Dress Code Analysis

    Dress codes are a set of rules and regulations that outline the acceptable styles of dress for students. These guidelines reflect broader social norms and values of society that schools consequently inherit. As a result, dress codes are a product of societal norms that restrict and shape student individuality. These limitations on student dress can vary in restrictive extremes, one extreme being totalitarian control over student dress by implementing school uniforms. The oppressive implications…

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