Steam Locomotive History

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Technology and science has definitely evolved throughout the years. We have become a fully connected country where information is at our fingertips. This was unimaginable 200 years ago. It is amazing to see how far humans have come since then. A lot of it is credited to a few key people and inventions from the early 1800s.
The first of these inventions is the steam locomotive. This may have been the most defining and important invention during this era. It started to connect the otherwise separated country by making travel substantially faster. Postal services also made use of the steam locomotive’s record travel speed by shipping letters and packages on trains. By 1840, there were 2,818 miles of track in the United States, and the number
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The first steamboat was created for the Navy in 1815 by Robert Fulton. It was powered by steam which was made by using coal to burn water. This steam turned a paddlewheel. This was revolutionary because until this invention, all boats relied on the wind, and if the wind wasn’t blowing the way the boat needed to go, there was nothing anyone could do about it. With this new steam technique, boats gained a freedom they didn’t previously have. They could move upstream and against the wind. It was a new privilege that benefitted many groups. The Navy started making their warships with this technology, and the postal service used steamboats to deliver across bodies of water that would have otherwise been unavoidable. Steamboats have disappeared, though. Today, boats are motorized. They lost their steam power, but they gained electricity. They have lost their paddlewheels, and they gained motors. Steamboats are nothing but a relic of the past, …show more content…
The most important agricultural invention at the time was the McCormick reaper. This was invented in 1831 by a Virginian farmer named Cyrus McCormick. It cut the time it took to harvest crops tremendously. This meant all the crops could be harvested and farmers could have another job to earn extra money. It was such a great invention that it won international acclaim in the first world’s fair. It was beneficial to everyone. It was such a perfect invention that even today, farmers still use the same basic design, but their reapers are a bit different. They are much bigger, and they are motorized instead of horse drawn. Other than that, they incredibly

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