Social And Economic Changes From 1840 To 1860

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From 1840 to 1860 the total trackage length in the US increase more than nine times. Railroads in the mid 1800s were booming across America, following them was many radical changes. One of the first evident changes was one of independence; train lines diverted traffic from water ways, this in turn made the West in addition to the South more independent from their Northeastern counterparts. Rail lines were important for expansion across the nation, thousands of people used them to move Westward. People in the Western part of the nation were now able to trade more efficiently; their goods could be transported for export quickly. Travel time was cut by ninety percent compared to travel on water ways. People were not the only things being taken to towns quickly, goods and supplies were now able to reach place that were previously unreachable. …show more content…
"Where railroads went, towns, ranches, and farms grew rapidly along their routes"(Brinkley 231). Towns along rail tracks became powerhouses, Chicago's dominance can be traced back to the railroad. Railroads had a huge role in building our nation; they brought about political, economical, and cultural changes that had never been seen before. Below is an image that documents railroad growth from 1850 to 1860. This building gave many people need jobs and paved a way of life for many other people. The effects of rail roads can be seen for many years across the United States, during the civil war they serve as a strategic point when moving troops and

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