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  • School Dress Code Research

    I am writing you this letter today to express my concerns with the school dress code. I am a female, senior at California High School and have been in this community all of my life. Therefore, I have witnessed many dress code regulation concerns. I personally think dress code is a good thing, if and only if it is well executed. However, when administrators and teachers only go after certain people, and not all of them, that is where my problems lie. Not only are fellow female students being…

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  • Rebecca Tane's The Tomorrow Code

    later that year, I loved the idea of sending short messages from the future through collected burst data through so-called quantum foam. Although this isn’t an entirely novel concept , I really savor these kinds of story lines, and as The Tomorrow Code actually has scientific merit, it’s all the more impressive. The actual nature of the impending apocalypse is also a fascinating (if, again, not entirely original) concept – the world dies a quiet death, thanks to some rhino virus-chimera…

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  • Advantages Of A Block Schedule

    Have you ever thought of a better schedule for school? One that doesn't make you have too much homework. There is something called a block schedule. It involves an A Day and a B Day. Having an A Day and a B Day will help the school dramatically.You will have less homework, more time in classes, and less stress. One main reason for a block schedule is for having less homework. Studies show that having a block schedule will let you have 2 days for doing your homework. If you get homework on…

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  • Should School Uniforms Be Paid?

    School Uniforms Have you ever heard the phrase “I would kill for those shoes”? In the mid 90s’ down in Long Beach, California students were actually taking that phrase a little too literally, they were actually killing one another for their high end clothes. The growing issue caught attention of the current U.S. President at the time Bill Clinton stated, "It's tragic when young people without a balanced upbringing, without grounded values, without a secure education, wind up believing that it's…

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  • Pro School Uniforms Essay

    students displayed good common sense or good taste when it came to clothing," said Bill Brousse, assistant principal Carlisle high school in Pennsylvania. In his further talk, he stated that because many students were violating the non-uniform dress code he found no other choice but to set a mandatory uniform policy for the next year. He then listed some prime examples of why measures were taken to enforce the uniform policy. "Some of it was totally inappropriate for school settings. The girls…

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  • Navajo Code Talkers

    1945 implemented the use of the navajo code talkers. Without these key battles the War in the Pacific would undoubtedly have been lost, and therefore would have crippled the Allies fight against the nation of Japan. The training for the Code Talkers was fairly quick, only lasting about eight weeks, after The Commanding General of the United States claimed that the Navajos language would be “admirably suited for rapid, secure communication”. The first 29 Code Talkers were quickly shipped out to…

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  • Dress Codes In Middle School

    Dress codes standards send home students every day, all over the country, for being too revealing. Most are girls, and on occasions, boys that struggle with the standards, therefore they should be lowered. It’s taking away from your class time, limits self-expression, and the rules can sometimes not be correctly administered are all problems caused by dress codes standards. The dress code can take away from class time because everyone is more concerned with how we are dressed, rather than…

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  • At & T Corporation Case Summary

    AT&T Corporation, an American multinational telecommunications establishment, possessed a patent that protected speech recognition software in the United States. Similarly, Microsoft, an American multinational technology company, created code to make a computer program that also recognized speech, but instead decided to sell it in foreign countries. Essentially, Microsoft found a complex loophole in Section 271(f) of the United States’ Patent Act and was eventually able to legally sell their…

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  • Procedural History: Schwartz

    Procedural History: Schwartz, the defendant, was charged and convicted with three counts of computer crime under ORS 164.377 before a jury. ORS 164.377 is defined by three separate crimes. See Rule of Law. The defendant had argued that State attempted to prove that he violated ORS 164.377(2)(c). The parties argued that whether the evidence was sufficient to prove that the defendant's actions were for the purpose of committing theft. The defendant also argued that he couldn't have “taken” the…

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  • Hammurabi Case Study

    the text and lectures have indicated values placed children in the category of property owned by a governing male figure. Prior culturally relevant practices such as the Hammurabi Code which was the Babylonian law code of ancient Mesopotamia, was the law of the land at the time in Mesopotamia . For example, Under the Code of Hammurabi, men had considerable power over their families. Babylonian men could sell their wives or children into slavery in order to pay off their debts. A child,…

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