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  • Text Messaging During Class

    Cell phones have become such a staple piece in our culture in recent years that the act of text messaging during class is an occurrence that most students would be accustomed to. During the past few years, I have witnessed countless students typing out and sending text messages in the middle of a class. Although it seems like common sense that text messaging during class would have a more negative effect on grade rather than a positive one, I was interested to see if there was empirical evidence…

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  • Jasienska Slavery

    A critical Review of Jasienska. G, 2009, Low Birth Rate of Contemporary African Americans: An Intergenerational Effect of Slavery? American Journal of Human Biology. This article’s aim is to analyses slavery as being a lasting intergenerational effect on the low birth weights of modern African Americans. The article succeeds in its analysis through its identification of racial disparity in birth weight being social and environmental causes not genetic. Also a success is its use of other…

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  • Framing Effect Essay

    same issue, but framed differently access what risk or gain the participants would take. The lighting was not controlled, they are florescent lights supplied by FGCU. Background noise, such as the hum of the computer and air conditioning, was a confounding variable. Procedure and…

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  • Desensitization Theory Of Aggression

    This draws upon the issue of replicability.The experiment findings have not been duplicated by independent researchers therefore weakening ( ) assertion. The second weakness in the experimental design was that they failed to account for confounding variables.The results of the experiment showed that whether individuals played violent or nonviolent video games, the P3 amplitude of those with high previous exposure were unaffected. In the case study conducted by Huesmann (1988), he studied…

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  • Sample T-Test Paper

    into it. Studying for a math final is where music should be discouraged because the nature of math is understanding universal principles. Comprehension takes priority in this case. I now realize that the reading without music came first still is a confounding variable in the study. In order to further the study, it would be better to try both. There’s definitely some residue of fatigue after reading for 10 minutes even if there is a wash over period. Another way to improve the study would be to…

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  • Cezanne Picasso And Matisse Analysis

    figures are intertwined. The colors in the works are meant to draw emotion from not an actual representation of the world around them (Henri Matisse. n.d.). In Matisse's and Picasso's works, the bottom right figures are crouched and their forms are confounding. Matisse sets a stage very similar to Cezanne. Trees planted at the sides and in the far distance. The upper boughs spread apart like stage curtains that seem to highlight the figures below (Henri Matisse. n.d.). Picasso has made the…

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  • Characteristics Of Applied Research In Nursing

    1. NURSING RESEARCH Nursing research is a research that provides evidence used to support nursing practices. It is a systematic study designed to develop knowledge about issues of importance in nursing as a profession. TYPES OF NURSING RESEARCH 1. Applied research: this is scientific research and study that seek to solve practical problems. It is used in solving everyday problems, to develop innovative technologies and to cure illness and not to acquire knowledge for knowledge sake. Example…

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  • The Iliad And Odyssey Analysis

    In Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey, the two sides, immortal and mortal, place blame on one another for the chaos that unfolds on earth. Human nature entails acting on impulse to serve personal agendas, the gods of Olympus are not exempt from its effect and may be major parts of its existence. Homer depicts the gods as divinities that are similar to humans in that they indulge in the same practices, are subject to the abstract beings of Greek mythology, and are in constant interaction with each…

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  • Dietary Sugar And Body Fat Analysis

    In the article, “Dietary Sugar and Body Weight….Health be Damned! Pour on the Sugar,” dietary experts George Bray and Barry Popkin explore the detrimental effects of sugar on society’s health. The article delineates how rapid increases in the consumption of sugar (particularly fructose) and sugar sweetened beverages over the past 25 years are contributing to the growth of chronic conditions such as fatty liver disease and metabolic syndromes. Both authors suggest that the presence and…

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  • Independent Schools Research Paper

    Texas rank among the 41st percentile out of fifty states (Maxwell 33). How is it that the state of Texas manages to enroll more people than almost all the other states, but cannot manage to get those students to graduate? The issue is that the confounding factors in each individual’s home situation are not being considered. Sex education is non compulsory throughout Texas school systems, which explains why birth rates…

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