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  • Analysis: The Real Results Of The Van Boven/Gilovich Study

    The Real Results of the Van Boven/Gilovich Study Does experience provide more happiness than material goods? A research study done by Van Boven and Gilovich (2003) explores this question by surveying and performing experiments on different populations. A press article, written by Dr. Dean (2008), presents an argument on this topic using the study as reference. While the press article conveys a message similar to that of the study, its technical inaccuracies, overgeneralizations, and its claim…

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  • Gelatin Vs Hormier

    Did you know that Jell-O has been a part of American culture for over a century? Jell-O, a dessert made from prepared powder, is something that we, humans, eat everyday. To keep a solidify figure, the Jell-O requires gelatin as a part of its ingredients. For my experiment, I will be determining whether certain enzymes in fruits prevent gelatin from the process of solidification, and if there’s a way to still include these fruits without ruining the dessert. The research question of the project…

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  • Observation Study Design Paper

    Observation Study Design Leazaun Thornton Walden University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Epidemiology CLRA-6235-2 Dr. Aaron B. Mendelsohn, PhD, MPH Abstract Tuberculosis continues to infect a large percentage of the world's population, infecting more than 8.8 million people per year, and killing 1.6 million people per year. A major risk factor of tuberculosis is Diabetes Mellitus causing complications involving the circulation and the body's ability to fight infection.…

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  • Sexual Intertextuality

    disapproved of. With a specific end goal to discredit this conviction, examination and science of the mind is fundamental. Looking into the mind on the premise of sexuality is a genuinely new point of discourse since it is to some degree troublesome and confounding. This paper will investigate the distinctive personalities of sex, sex and sexual introduction, and the primary organic explanations for these. Sexual assorted qualities are basically sexual introduction. Despite the fact that I…

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  • Relationship Between Great Britain And The Colonists

    The relationship between Great Britain and the colonists had always been confounding. The pioneers were loyal supporters of King George on a mission to explore the new found land and bring glory and fame to Britain. The pioneers were met by the native people of America, also known as Native Americans or Indians. Some kept peaceful relationships with the Native Americans and others sought the path of war. The English settlers were impeding upon the Native Americans’ land and this ultimately…

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  • Essay On Music Censorship

    Art has always been a controversial subject, whether it be with deciding on what art is or what is acceptable. Music is a form of art that these questions are also asked about. Over time, music has been changed and banned by many governmental bodies and organizations because it was too suggestive or not acceptable for a governments’ traditional values. This is called music censorship (“Censorship Overview”). Music censorship should be abolished because one’s right to express himself should…

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  • Essay On Synesthesia

    Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which one sensory experience is perceived in more than one way by the body. There are numerous forms of synesthesia, all of which involve different combinations of sensory experiences. Grapheme-color synesthesia is the most common form, with 60% of synesthetes possessing this type. In grapheme-color synesthesia, symbols are perceived in different colors. For example, the letter “A” is commonly associated with the color red among synesthetes. A pop-out…

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  • Imagery Ability Questionnaire

    imagery intervention. Questions focused on how easy it is for the participant to image and the vividness of these images. For example, how easy is it for the participants to image staying positive after setbacks. This helped to control for potential confounding variables as research has shown imagery ability influences the effectiveness of imagery (Gregg, Hall, McGowan, & Hall, 2011). Therefore, this may have affected the participants’ self-efficacy and dart-throwing performance along with the…

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  • Non-Helping Behavior

    It comes as no surprise that the clothing we wear has a major influence on how others perceive us. There are valid reasons why we don’t typically sport sweatpants at job interviews or ripped jeans at funerals; generally, we tend to present ourselves in attire that is socially acceptable so that others are more likely to form positive impressions of us. In this experiment, we examine the effect that clothing has, not only on social perception, but also on social influence, particularly in regards…

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  • A Modest Proposal By James Swift

    When people gather in groups, leaders rise, taboos form, and malcontents grumble. The traditions and mores of a society become controls of the ruling class, manipulated to better serve the needs of the powerful in maintaining power. However, with the invention of the printing press and an increased literacy of the common man, information moved from the hands of the church and the noble elite to the common man. The late 17th century, ushered in the Age of Reason a period of intellectual growth,…

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