Relationship Between Immigration And Quality Of Life

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Essay Assignment 1
Relationship between immigration and quality of life: The Case of the Canadian Immigration
1.0. Introduction:
Immigration is a global socio-political process and it goes on increasing day by day. The central theme of this research proposal is the immigration and its impact on the quality of life. Therefore, in completing this essay, the research question that will be addressed is “Does immigration impact the quality of life of immigrants?”. In this research proposal, the dependent variable is ‘the Quality of Life’ while the independent variable is the ‘Immigration.’
Unlike many countries, immigration in Canada has collectively been considered as a catalyst towards the country’s future prosperity. From a prospective economic growth viewpoint, Canada holds high hopes on its immigrant’s due to what it puts on the table, thus the country remains to be the most preferred destination for immigrants who are looking for better opportunities and quality of life. Canada’s is also known to be the second largest country in the world with minimal population and overwhelming resources, this makes Canadas one of the most favorite Immigrant destinations.
However, from a political and social point of view, Canada explains the reasons why it opens its doors to immigrants. Typically, the main functions involve maintaining integration of the society through determination of norms. Also, it involves adapting and changing elements of economic, social, and religious

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