Canadian Immigration

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Essay Assignment 1
Relationship between immigration and quality of life: The Case of the Canadian Immigration
1.0. Introduction:
Immigration is a global socio-political process and it goes on increasing day by day. The central theme of this research proposal is the immigration and its impact on the quality of life. Therefore, in completing this essay, the research question that will be addressed is “Does immigration impact the quality of life of immigrants?”. In this research proposal, the dependent variable is ‘the Quality of Life’ while the independent variable is the ‘Immigration.’
Unlike many countries, immigration in Canada has collectively been considered as a catalyst towards the country’s future prosperity. From a prospective
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The Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is the “Quality of Life”, considered to be the extent to which an individual enjoys the very crucial possibilities of life. In this case, there are several factors that determinants the immigrant’s quality of life starting with employment, education, and income. Therefore, the whole immigration process and all the factors surrounding it converge to one causal factor, the need for quality of life.
Immigrants all over the world leave their countries in search for a better-quality of life in developed countries. Reflecting on my experience, as an immigrant coming to Canada with ambition and expectations that Canada provide advanced opportunities to my kids and I, in different respects that ultimately enhance my quality of life. Typically, Canada is a pluralistic and multicultural community, and it is characterized by an ethnic composition of culture, and this has been shaped over time by the arrival of immigrants as well as their descendants. In the process of searching for a quality life, the immigrants endure severe cultural shocks, harsh weather conditions, barriers to getting dream jobs, isolation, as well as assimilation problems. Regardless of all these difficulties, there is hope eventually for there is high life satisfaction to
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In other words, different people might define quality of life differently. Statistically we have to consider these various definitions as confounding variables that is beyond the control of the researcher, notwithstanding impacting both independent and dependent variables.
This essay was considering the immigration Quality of Life in Canada however the conclusion could be generalized to all cases that is similar to the Canadian context.
My research proposal hypothesis that immigration will improve the quality of life which is H1 or if we are looking at a nil hypothesis the immigration will not improve the quality of life which is H0. To verify this research hypnosis, we need empirical data, based on this empirical data we can prove or disprove this research hypothesis and hence we can answer the research question on whether the quality of life could be improved or not depending on the successful immigration to Canada.


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