Immigration And Crime Essay

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The issue of crime and immigration in Canada


There is a growing belief in most developing countries, including Canada, that an increase in the number of immigrants increases crime. On the other hand, there is insufficient literature to ascertain the relationship between immigrants and crime. Despite of these opposing views there is the need to develop immigration policies which aim to prevent the admission of criminals. This paper discusses issues of immigration and identifies the relationship between immigration and crime in Canada by analysing the existing literature on the subject. In conclusion, it identifies policies intended to respond to immigration and crime.
Economically motivated
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Visible minority population is defined by the Employment Equality Act as people who are not aboriginal. It includes people who are non-white in colour or non-Caucasian in race. This group includes Asians blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Arabs and Latin Americans. Immigration has resulted in the increase of visible minority population. Most of these immigrants have settled in metropolitan areas due to presence of other immigrants and economic opportunities. Immigrants have not only increased Canada’s population but also contributed to its economy. Immigrants have been an important source of labour in various industries in the country. Immigrating to a new society requires some time for adjustment to look for work, learn a new language, adapt to laws and to gain access to education and health care systems. This difficulty in transition is reflected in higher unemployment rates for recent immigrant in contrast to established immigrants. Disparities between new immigrants and those who are established reduces over time implying that low employment rates reflect the immigrant’s adjustment …show more content…
The economic model of crime provides that individuals are rational and weigh the benefits of committing crime against its costs. A general increase in the immigrant population would increase crime because immigrants do not get good labour opportunities compared to natives and even where they are employed, their earnings are less than that of their native counterparts. However immigrant crime relationship would operate in the opposite direction especially in Canada. This is due to the country’s immigration policy which focuses on human capital. The use of characteristics such as education, language ability and work experience works to ensure that immigrants are better educated and achieve economic success. This increase the opportunity cost of immigrants committing crime due to economic losses and losses resulting from incarceration. Therefore better educated immigrants are less likely to commit crimes. In addition, criminal background checks are conducted before immigrants are permanently admitted into the country. These conflicting issues make difficult to establish the connection between immigration and crime in

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