Recycle Cans Investigation

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The purpose of our investigation is to find the most efficient way to recycle cans( make them self- implode) to help the Oakland Recycling Center find the best process for them to recycle aluminum. This problem is important because it is important for us to start recycling cans in order for global warming to decrease in the world. Not recycling cans means that new aluminum cans will have to be made, and to make new aluminum cans people have to dig into the earth’s crust which wastes a lot of energy and emits more greenhouse gases which helps in global warming. Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television set for 3 hours. This is a huge amount of energy preserved. This shows that what we are doing is important because …show more content…
Every experiment also needs control variables, which are variables that scientists want to be kept constant in our experiment. They do have a pretty big effect in our experiment because we choose to leave these variables constant in order to make sure our data is accurate, but they are not the main focus of our experiments. The control variables for this test are the size of the can which is 355 mL, the time we wait until we flip the can into the pie tin which is one minute, and the amount of liquid in each can which is 10 mL. We also had confounding variables which are variables that the researcher failed to control, or eliminate, damaging the internal validity of an experiment. Some confounding variables in our experiment are the temperature in the can when we flip it because we actually couldn’t tell what it was, and the fact that we couldn’t control the fact that there should be exactly 10 mL of the liquid in the can because no matter what we tried, it will take much more time than we had to fill the can with precisely 10 mL of the liquid. Our procedures are that we first are going to fill up our pie tin with cold water, then we are going to pour water into our can and place it on the hotplate. After a certain number of minutes we will flip the can towards the pie tin and record our observations. We will do this 2-3 more

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