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  • Optical Illusions, Aristotle, And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    reality. In the story Allegory of The Cave, it also provides examples of illusions that the men are experiencing. For example from the book Allegory of The Cave, “As one of these prisoners escapes, they walk into the light to find that what he once saw in the cave was actually just an illusion of what the truth is.” This quote from the story illustrates the relationship of his life in the cave and in the real world. It represents the relationship between the cave and the real world showing how…

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  • How Does Homer Use Hoplite Warfare In The Iliad

    Homers’ epic, the Iliad, is the earliest written account of Greek warfare composed circa 750 BC. In his epic, Homer describes a style of warfare that, at first glance, appears to be alien to hoplite warfare that was present in the 5th-century BC. However, there is literary evidence in the Iliad that might contest that. Additionally, recent archaeological discoveries reinforce the idea that hoplite warfare may not be as clear cut as convention suggests. While Homeric and hoplite warfare may not…

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  • Theatre Light History

    Theatrical lighting is one of the most important aspects of the theater industry. Without light, the stage would simply not be able to be seen. From using the sun in ancient Greece to lights that are automatic, tremendous strides have been made in the stage lighting industry. There are many people who have been at the forefront of innovation, and their steps forward can still be seen today. These modern lights and light accessories can be used to put different psychological effects onto the…

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  • Case Study: Loyola University Chicago

    first task centered around helping set up hoop houses for the winter. These structures are a cost effective way to help extend the growing season, which allows the farm to plant crops earlier, and grow them later into the year. Hoop houses have metal circular structures with 4ml plastic that covers the skeleton of the structure. During the winter, these hoop houses are closed off to allow sunlight to penetrate the structure, and keep the plants inside warm. Due to the impending winter season, I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Weight Loss Diet Program

    compare to those of us who are overweight and struggling to lose weight. I have been there, but, thanks to Weight Watchers, I am no longer struggling in my weight loss plan. After searching, trying, and failing many different varieties of diet, I saw a Weight Watchers commercial on TV, advertising a free week trial. I put down the remote, and logged on to receive my free trial. I didn't know much about the program before logging on, but the website was laid out to be very user-friendly. I was…

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  • Informative Essay On Apollo 13

    Apollo 13 was a space mission that some may have viewed as a failure; it was, in fact, the complete opposite. Space entry has improved immensely, with the efforts and struggles gained from previous missions. In addition, one of the astronauts of this mission, Jim Lovell, “believed it was a success. The astronauts and the Space Control Center were tested on their ability to work together and that is how Apollo 13 succeeded” (Anastasio 90). Apollo 13 has bettered the space program by allowing…

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  • Short Story: The Logger Of Elwood Forest

    The Logger of Elwood Forest Of the twenty-some men who were waiting at the station for the 4:17 train, Lawrence was the only one who was standing out on the cold, open platform. For nearly ten minutes Lawrence had been standing deliberately out of conversation range with the other Exuder boys who also rode the train to stations near their families’ winter cabins or to connecting planes that landed somewhere like California or the Bahamas or Paris. Lawrence was not popular among his…

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  • The Major Differences And Forms Of A Baffle Ball

    The first major difference from a billiard table is that one end is rounded instead of square. The second diversion is that instead of pockets around the edge, the semi-circular end features nine holes (in the manner of Bar Billiards), one in the middle of the semi-circle and the rest surrounding it evenly in a ring. The hole in the middle is numbered nine, the others are numbered 1 - 8 in a semi-random order. Rather like a Billiards table, Pool table or Darts board, a variety of games can be…

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  • Short Essay On Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa is one of the famous people on earth. She was famous because of what she has done and of how many people she has helped. Her real name is Ganxhe Agnes Bojaxhiu but most people call her Agnes. She was born in August 26 1910. She was born and lived in Skopje, is it a small part of Siberia which is now a part of Yugoslavia. She is the third child of the Bojaxhiu family. She has 2 siblings which are her sister Aga and her brother Lazar. Agnes’ father, Kole Bojaxhiu was a wealthy…

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  • Mccarthyism Exposed In Joseph Heller's Catch-22

    to he was sane and had to. (Heller 46) Through this illogical, unwinnable scenario, Heller conveys what he perceives to be a cruel society in which people do not have choices and freedom. Several writers have put much emphasis on Heller’s style: “Circular language and redefining words, Heller shows, allows people to avoid the reality of situations, or to twist reality to suit their purposes” (“Catch-22”). Later in the story, the meaning of Catch-22 changes: “Catch-22 says they have a right to do…

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