My Christmas Research Paper

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Like every other year the day of December 25th, Christmas, is joyfully celebrated in my household. As the day rolls on it is full of thankfulness, kindness, happiness and plenty of food. And like every other year we take part in our annual Christmas shenanigans. As the smell of crisp apple pie and left-over turkey diminished, the smell of cold, breathtaking air took its place. My sister and I traveled into the cold winter air by ourselves. Taking my first step into the freshly fallen snow I could feel the cold, cloud like softness below the soles of my boots. As my sister and I began to run the snow squeaked slightly under us. We ran to the large hill that sat directly in between our house and our barn. The only light in our darkness was a dainty lamp, hooked on the side of our house.
Getting to the top of the hill always felt like an extreme accomplishment for us. When we finally reached the top of the hill we looked below to our house and the accompanying lamp. Holding our cold sleds in one hand and eating the
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For the last time this season we all baked the regular chewy snickerdoodle cookies as we usually do and made the perfect vanilla chai tea. The tea was topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick to add a typical flare. Putting my mouth to the rim of the mug my nose was filled with the smell of the spices; cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. We sat around our television set and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas one last time. Taking in the taste of the snickerdoodles and tea, the smell of the spices in the air and the warmth of the red blazing fire, I realized that I would have to wait a whole other year for this to happen again. But as I watched the television and slowly dozed off I realized it would all be worth the

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